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Year 2011

Secret Weapon Miniatures are previewing ten new washes they will soon be releasing. From their announcement: Here they are - the last ten Secret Weapon Washes! This includes four additional Les' Wa
Privateer Press have posted an announcement regarding steps made to improve product shipments and delivery.From their website:Since the release of the second edition of its award-winning tabletop mini
pegaminidesign have posted a preview of the current state of their 28mm Ulkan sci-fi miniature.
Fantasy Flight Games have released the revised and updated version of the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion for the Arkham Horror boardgame.
Mantic Games have posted a video interview with Dwarf King’s Hold developer Jake Thorton. From their announcement: Seems like our article on creating the Dwarf King’s Hold cover artwork went down wel
Catalyst Game Labs have sent their Leviathans Victorian Sci-fi boardgame off to print. From their announcement: It’s been a long, long haul, crewmen. But the sea trials are over and celebrations are
Gringo 40's have released a Mexican Light Infantryman figure. From their announcement: Prior to the Mexican-American War the Mexican Army converted the 3rd Regular Infantry Regiment to Light Infantr
The Rural Gamer has posted an interview with Amarillo Design Bureau's Steve Cole. From their announcement: The Rural Gamer spoke with industry veteran Steve Cole of Amarillo Design Bureau about his t
The Maine Historical Wargamers Association will be holding a Flea Market and Game Day. From their announcement: Join the Maine Historical Wargamers Association Saturday August 6th, for our first annu
Grimsby Wargame Society have posted new free wargaming flags for the War of Roses. From their announcement: We are pleased to say yet another 10 War of the Roses flags have been updated on the webs
In a little less than 24 hours Mantic Games will be releasing the beta version of their Warpath sci-fi rules. From their announcement: There is just 24 hours until the midnight (GMT) launch of the Wa
Steel Crown Productions have released the Gurdan Lancer figures for their 6mm Exodus Wars sci-fi range. From their announcement: Wielding lethal blades the size of a man, Gurdan Lancers are devasta
Privateer Press have posted previews of the new plastic Cryx Nightwretch and Cygnar Sentinel Warjacks.
Wyrd Miniatures have posted new Malifaux themed wallpapers showing alternative and Avatar versions of Sonia Criid and Seamus. From their announcement: Twisting Fates, the next installment of Malifau
Reaper Miniatures have updated their Previews page with photos of several upcoming figures including a motorcycle and steampunk Female Mad Scientist. have added a PDF version of their USE ME 15mm Fantasy rules to their website. From their announcement: Hello Everyone,   In response to our customers wishes we have now introduced our seco
Spartan Games have posted an article on their website showing and discussing the four "Specials" models they will be releasing for each Dystopian Wars faction. From their website: Moving on to the
Wargames Factory have posted a preview of the 28mm plastic Shock Trooper Heavy Weapons troops. From their announcement: We've just posted a 3D-view of our new Shock Trooper Heavy Energy Cannon and
The latest episode of the D6 Generation Podcast looks at the Star Trek Expeditions boardgame. From their announcement: Someone on the show is a Trek fan... can you guess who? When Star Trek: Expediti
Copplestone Castings have released a pack of 15mm Barbarian miniatures. From their announcement: A pack of 15mm fantasy Barbarians is now available: FM1 Barbarian Heroes - 10 character figures.
Battlefront have added two new articles to the Flames of War website. Building the Cassino Tables When it was announced that we would be doing Cassino as one of our Battle Books, I knew it was going
Brueckenkopf Online have posted a review of the Bolt Action 28mm WWII plastic British Commandos.
Fantasy Flight Games have posted their release schedule for the the second half of July 2011. WHC20 Warhammer Invasion LCG: The Eclipse of Hope $14.95 DH11 Dark Heresy: Ascension $49.95 BSG01 Battles
WorldWorkGames products will soon no longer be available via RPGNow and DriveThruRPG after July 11th. From their announcement: DriveThruRPG and RPGNow will no longer be selling WWG titles after Monda
Blue Moon Manufacturing have released the Galactic War One 15mm sci-fi rules. From their announcement: The much anticipated Galactic War One Rule book written by Scott Pyle, Joseph Dragovich and Schu