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Year 2011 have added a pack of 28mm resin GunGlaive conversion parts to their online store. Each pack has six GunGlaives and is available for €6.99.
Knuckleduster have added several new packs of figures in their 28mm War of 1812 range. From their website: More releases this morning. I've created three new sets to expand the selection of officers
Elhiem Figures have posted details on their latest 20mm historical miniature releases. From their website: Lamercraft sets 21 on have been discontinued and may soon have a new home. Lamercraft sets
Mannakin Studios have added two new figures - Grimm's Cat and Father Christmas - to their online store. From their announcement: We’re delighted to announce that Grimm’s Cat and Father Christmas ar
Catalyst Game Labs have posted a photo of the sprues for six of the miniatures that will be part of the Leviathans boxed set. From their website: As usual, I received the box this morning and as quic
Puppets War have released a 28mm Alien Overlord figure. From their announcement: Alien Overlord is our new amazing mini. It fine detailed, huge, multipart model. Set contains 7 parts. Overlord can
Tabletop-Art have released new Stonefloor bases and skull scenery pieces. From their announcement: Hi today we have added some round miniature Stonefloor Style resin bases to our webshop . Additio
The NUSU2 Tournament has added Warhammer 40K and Fantasy events. From their announcement: The upcoming Nut Up or Shut Up weekend next month in South West England has been expanded to include a 2,000
Aberrant have announced new releases for Rezolution as well as new shipping options for Origins and GenCon. From their announcement: Aberrant are pleased to announce the release of the Vatacina Start
Days of Wonder have added the Small World Underground boardgame to their online store in the EU and for pre-order on their US store.
ArtCrime Productions have posted several previews of painted examples of their 15mm sci-fi figures.
Micro Art Studio have added a new miniature and several new bases to their online store.Lady Ellendeanne (1) € 8.61 Jungle Bases, Wround 50mm #2 (1) € 4.92 Jungle Bases, Wround 50mm #1 (1) &
The Vul-Con Chariot Racing game will be at the Phoenix Comicon 2011. From their announcement: The World's Largest Chariot Racing Game had its second outing at Phoenix Comicon 2011.  Those who playe
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Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures have released the 28mm Celtic Veteran Squad. From their announcement: In blister You’ll find 5 unpainted resin miniatures and 5 scenic round, 25mm, resin bases.
Miniature-Heroes have opened a new online store. From their announcement: I'm very pleased to announce the opening of the brand new Miniature-Heroes web store. I've expanded my Reaper listings to inc
Spartan Games have announced an upcoming set of free armoured rules set in, and using figures from, their Dystopian Wars game. From their announcement: Spartan Games is pleased to announce the immine
Gorgon Studios have announced two new 28mm Ancients releases. From their website: It doesn’t take a prescient servant of Apollo to predict that Gorgon’s new models will be two of their most popula
Cipher Studios have announced the release of the latest wave of figures for the Anima Tactics game. From their website: We have shipped a wave of new Anima releases to our distribution partners. Th
Corvus Belli have posted details of their May 2011 releases for Infinity.112, Emergency Service. (Light Shotgun, CCW) (Ariadna). The 112 collaborates with the Ariadnan army as an auxiliary rescue and
Ravenstar Studios have posted a preview of several new spacecraft miniatures they are releasing including a new Cold Navy release. From their website: It is the end of May and i am as normal way be
Raiden Miniatures will stop accepting orders for four weeks to work through their order backlog. From their website: Apologies to all but we will not be accepting new orders for the next 4 weeks.  Ou
Pulp Monsters have posted a preview of all of the parts of their Pulp City Monster figure set.From their announcement:The set was created by Adam Grabowski and we should soon have info on pricing. It
Ainsty Castings have released the 28mm post-apocalyptic Flameblade Compound terrain set. From their announcement: Ainsty have released a post-apocalypse style Compound. From the Flameblade range, r