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Year 2011

WizKids have posted an update on the new HeroClix Modern Age format rules that are now in effect for events.
Battlespace Magazine have posted photos from the first day of Auscon Brisbane on Facebook. From their announcement: First day photos from Auscon gaming event in Brisbane, Australia, posted on Battles
Ramshackle Games have released new Giggles crew figures for their Nuclear Renaissance post-apocalyptic rules. From their announcement: Due to the popularity of the other Giggles Clan figures, I've
West Wind Productions is having a three day sale on their 28mm Arthurian range of figures. From their announcement: It's Bank Holiday again and so begins our three day Sale on West Wind's ever popu
Tor Gaming will be one of the sponsors for the WAMP 2011 painting contest. From their announcement: WAMP-Forums have announced their very first 'off-line' event and Tor Gaming signed up as a category
Brueckenkopf Online have details of the Infinity and Anima Tactics demos to be held at RPC 2011. From their announcement: Another addition to the systems offered at the Wargaming Demo Area. Thanks t
The International Gamers Guild is looking for nominations and judges for the Gaming Genius Awards. From their announcement: Announcing the Gaming Genius Awards New awards to breaking ground, highlig
CorSec Engineering have posted a preview of a new flight stand system. From their announcement: Introducing the Omni-Stand. A new stand system that gives you the freedom to use your miniatures fo
Play Unplugged have posted a review of the new 40K Codex: Grey Knights. From their announcement: Monson "Tony" Borzok examines Games Workshop's Codex: Grey Knights. Will these faithful servants of th
CorSec Engineering have released a 15mm to 6mm artillery conversion template. From their announcement: CorSec Engineering is now offering our 6mm Artillery Template. Convert your favorite game fro
Warlord Games have released a new Bolt Action Churchill Mk VII vehicle kit.From their announcement:Another new addition to our line of 1/56 scale Bolt Action vehicles, this great new Churchill Mk VII
AntiMatter-Games are now accepting pre-orders for the Statue of Elder God that is part of their Temple of the Ancients terrain piece. From their announcement: The statue in the Temple of the Ancients
Forgotten & Glorious have posted a preview of the new green for the FM Chauchat CSRG 15 . From their announcement: I am very glad to be able to show you the first pictures of the Chauchat that will
Chapterhouse Studios have released their Doomseer Iyanar miniature. From their announcement: Doomseer Iyanar-Duanna is cursed with the ability to forsee the slow death of her race. She shares the a
Capitan Games' rules will be featured in Miniature Wargames Magazine. From their announcement: In the may  issue number 337, of Miniature Wargames, the Capitan Rules has been included in the selectio
Warlord Games have posted a preview of a a painted sample of the Roman Centurion figure they will be giving away with select orders. From their announcement: With our new Ancients rules, Hail Caesar,
The Barking Irons website has posted an article showing how to build a 28mm vegetable patch terrain piece. From their announcement: Today Barking Irons brings you a modelling master class from the
Studio McVey have released their Blight Witch miniature.From their announcement:We previewed this miniature ay Salute a couple of weeks ago, and she proved to be very popular - she is now on general r
Crooked Dice Game Design Studio have posted previews of their May and June releases.From their announcement:Some new greens from Crooked Dice of their next two 28mm releases. May sees the release of t
Impact! Miniatures have posted the first concept art produced for their joint venture with A Band of Orcs. From their announcement: A Band of Orcs and Impact! Miniatures are pleased to release the fi
Gary Hunt Miniatures have released a new 28mm Beastmen figure and also announced the winner of their miniature naming contest. From their announcement: The recent Clovis Beastman hero release can n
Micro Art Studio have posted photos of a laser-cut 28mm sci-fi walkway terrain kit they will soon be releasing.
Grindhouse Games have posted a reminder about the upcoming end of the pre-order period for the SNAFU expansion for the Incursion boardgame. They have also posted a preview of a painted sample of the B
Freebooter Miniatures is sponsoring the WAMP 2011 painting competition. From their website: We are co-sponsors of a painting competition called WAMP 2011, which features the competition itself, demo
Critical Mass Games have a new forum post regarding their updated April 2011 release schedule. From their announcement: Firstly we must apologise that we have had to change the release schedule, as o