Year 2011

Tabletop Game Terrain new release

Tabletop Game Terrain have released their City of Ruins terrain sets. City of Ruins From their announcement:
Tabletop Game Terrain has released the new TGT: City of Ruins sets. These sets are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are playable. Each building comes with a base that is either 6.25”x6.25”, 11.5”x6” and 12”x12” depending on the size of the kit. All pieces are modular allowing almost limitless combinations with the other pieces in the collection. Our entire collection of buildings amounts to almost 3.5 sq ft of terrain and can be purchased together in the City of Ruins Battle Board set! This is the premiere line from TGT with an expected release of the TGT: City of Ruins road set and expansion set on April 15th and then the release of another range in March! All TGT sets are designed and priced with gamers in mind. Simply put, we wanted to begin producing lines that are VERY affordable, playable, and awesome looking on the table. With TGT, gamers won’t have to buy expensive building after expensive building to make a great game board. Make sure to check out the gallery on our website to see the terrain in action.

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Augusta Georgia Warhammer 40K Apocalypse event

The Augusta Book Exchange will be hosting a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse event. From their announcement:
This will be a story driven campaign that will go on (Bi-Monthly) all year at the Bobby Jones store. (11AM-Until) The entry fee for each game will be $7.00 and all proceeds will go to "Siege of Augusta". The winning side of each game will have an engraved plaque that shall be displayed in the store all year. Game #2: After a bloody battle the forces of Chaos and Orks pushed through the outer defenses of the hive city and the invasion is well underway. With the momentum of their first victory the forces of evil will gain an extra "Strategic Asset" in game two. The Space Marines and Imperial Guard have fallen back deeper into the city to try and gain a foothold. All the while the Tech-Priest have found that the Black Stone Fortress is starting to activate and showing signs of life. Can the forces of man win the day or will this world fall?

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Updated list of OOP GW figures

A new list of figures have been marked as out-of-print by Games Workshop. This may actually mean that they are being removed to Direct Only status.

  • 46-25 Eldar Striking Scorpions

  • 46-27 Eldar Warp Spiders

  • 46-29 Eldar Rangers

  • 46-36 Eldar Warlock

  • 47-64 Techpriest Enginseer

  • 48-38 Space Marine Chaplain

  • 48-44 Space Marine Terminator Chaplain

  • 48-45 Space Marine Jump Pack Chaplain

  • 48-53 Space Marine Scout Sergeant Telion

  • 50-38 Orks In Mega Armour

  • 50-42 Ork Boss Snikrot

  • 55-12 Black Templars Chapter Upgrade

  • 85-43 Dark Elf Dreadlord

  • 95-11 Ogre Kingdoms Tyrant

  • L03-35 Saruman And Grima

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Vul-Con Dust Tactics Tournament awards announced

The awards for the Dust Tactics Tournament at Vul-Con Arena I have been posted. From their announcement:
Details of the Vul-Con Arena I Dust Tactics Tournament on April 2nd at Gamers' Inn in Mesa, AZ are now available. This will be an Operation First Strike Tournament that will be run Swiss Tournament Style with tie breaks based on strength of schedule, points, and if necessary, achievements. Each player will receive an Achievement Book to keep track of their achievements during the tournament. The first six players to sign up for the tournament will receive a Dust Tactics fabric patch sporting the symbol of the Allied faction. The first, second, and third place players will receive Vul-Con medals. The top Allied and top Axis players will receive a cloisonne pin with the symbol of their faction and a premium figure (with card). This special cloisonne pin acts as an invitation to participate in special pin-wearer-only tournaments at the Fantasy Flight Event Center in Roseville, Minnesota. This is going to be a very cool event, with some amazing prizes. Seats are limited, so preregister now.

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