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Year 2011

Tabletop Game Terrain have released their City of Ruins terrain sets. From their announcement: Tabletop Game Terrain has released the new TGT: City of Ruins sets. These sets are designed to be as a
Episode 20 of the RHQ-TV vidcast looks at the Mantic Abyssal Dwarfs. From their announcement: RHQ-TV have just broadcast episode 20 where we take a look at the new Mantic Games Abyssal Dwarfs. We als
The Augusta Book Exchange will be hosting a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse event. From their announcement: This will be a story driven campaign that will go on (Bi-Monthly) all year at the Bobby Jones sto
Living Dice have posted part seven and part eight of their GAMA Trade Show 2011 Exhibitor Coverage
The latest Privateer Insider blog post has details of some of the content in the upcoming No Quarter Magazine Anniversary Issue.
Mongoose Publishing have a new blog post looking for fan feedback into the production of limited edition miniatures.
WizKids have posted some details of the changes coming in the new HeroClix rulebook.
A new list of figures have been marked as out-of-print by Games Workshop. This may actually mean that they are being removed to Direct Only status.46-25 Eldar Striking Scorpions46-27 Eldar Warp Spider
Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures have released a set of 28mm sci-fi Templar Knight torsos.From their announcement:Each set contains 8 torsos fit to most of the 28mm/32mm miniatures. Cast in resin.
Troll Forged Miniatures have released a new set of 28mm fantasy Elves. From their announcement: Troll Forged Miniatures have released a set of 28mm Elf figures. Vasiliev Mikhail Elves are now availab
Ben Boersma has posted a preview of the Palaudis Occulite figure for his Dawn - Rise of the Occulites skirmish rules. From their announcement: This is the first in what I hope to be a complete line t
Kromlech have posted a preview of their 28mm Large Backpacks.From their announcement:Today we have something new for Rommel's green skinned allies - large orc backpacks. These comes with anchor, rope
The awards for the Dust Tactics Tournament at Vul-Con Arena I have been posted. From their announcement: Details of the Vul-Con Arena I Dust Tactics Tournament on April 2nd at Gamers' Inn in Mesa, AZ
Play Unplugged have posted a review of FFG's Mansions of Madness boardgame. From their announcement: Editor-in-Chief, Enrico Nardini dares to explore the Mansions of Madness. Will he survive with his
Catalyst Game Labs have posted photos of assembled test casts of one of the miniatures for their Leviathans VSF air combat game.
The Exeter Legionary wargaming show is coming to the Matford Centre, Exeter on May 7th 2011. From their announcement: Hello Folks, Exeter Legionary 2011 is Saturday May 7th at the Matford Centre, E
Victory Force has a special offer giving you 50 Zombies for $50. From their announcement: This Special is for 50 Zombies for $50! Thats $1 for each zombie!!! This Special will be for a very very sh
Privateer Press have posted details of their releases for June 2011. WARMACHINE: Wrath MSRP $34.99 Softcover $44.99 Hardcover As the fury of war shatters the fragile peace following the events of WAR
Dust Studio have announced the first two products in a range of scenery to support the Dust Tactics game. From their announcement: Dust Studio Team is proud to announce that we just started our sce
Quantum Gothic have posted a preview of their 28mm sci-fi terrain releases for April 2011. From their announcement: Junk Barricades Highly detailed junk section barricades : Straight section 99 mm
Soda Pop Miniatures is taking pre-orders for a limited edition Super Dungeon Explore t-shirt. From their announcement: Start the party early with this stylish Super Dungeon Explore t-shirt, featuring
The new majority shareholder of Wargames Factory has sent a letter responding to public comments made about his acquisition of the company. Public Statement from Wai Kee Hui regarding Wargames Facto
Olleys Armies have posted new photos of their Workbench page. From their announcement: Hello All. I have just added some exciting new greens of Bob's to Olleys Armies workbench page. They include have released the American Civil War version of their USE ME 15mm rules. From their announcement: Now released by is a brand new rules system booklet in the USE ME series: UM005
Splintered Light Miniatures have released several new packs of 15mm fantasy miniatures. From their announcement: Lots of new 15mm packs in the Splintered Light Miniatures line. Cave Imps: Sculpted