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Year 2011

Knucklesduster have posted information about some upcoming 1812 miniature releases. From their website: I'm about to release several new sets. At present, I am engaged in the tedious process of fili
Grindhouse Games have posted a photo of a painted sample of the Incursion/Secrets of the Third Reich German Drohne miniature. From their website: Things are moving along. I know I said 12 but we ar
Pardulon have had to update their shipping terms and also have a new 28mm terrain release. From their website: Change of Shipping Conditions: the German Post has recently changed their shipping cha
Khurasan Miniatures have released an anti-grav conversion set for the 15mm Siler Superheavy Tank.
A & A Miniatures have posted details of their March special offer. From their website: This month we have another super offer for customers free postage to the UK for all orders. Orders for the rest
Fat Dragon Games is having a sale on its Winterhawk Watchtower terrain set. From their announcement: This weekend only, save 35% off the Winterhawk Watchtower with this special link. Hurry as this co
Proxie Models has a new 15mm building ruin sprue available. From their announcement: I started a blog to explain my home made plastic injection molding. I have gotten a few questions from people th
Eolith Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for their 30mm resin Zombie miniatures. From their announcement: I have a set of six 30mm resin zombies on pre-order just at the moment. There's a whol
Episode 70 of the Boosted Damage Warmachine and Hordes podcast takes a look at the upcoming Kingdom Con event. From their announcement: This week we talk to PG Norbert and Mod Ross on their efforts t
PicoArmor is offering a sample pack of their 3mm ACW figures. From their announcement: PicoArmor is pleased to our American Civil War Sample Pack. The ACW Sample Pack (PP-400) includes: 3 pcs. I
Warlord Games have rereleased their 1:56 scale Bolt Action German WWII Schwimmwagen vehicle kit. From their announcement: The latest of our finely detailed Bolt Action 28mm resin vehicles to be rer
Defiance Games have posted an image of a 3D render of their Alien Bug plastic figure. Defiance is a new company formed by Tony Reidy.
Zenit Miniatures is now selling copies of the Arbonte's Menace starter set for their Nemesis fantasy skirmish game. From their website:  Now in sale in our online shop the starter box the Arbonte´s
Catalyst Game Labs have posted a street date for the BattleTech 25th Introductory Box and are accepting pre-orders. From their website: The following product has a Street Date of March 30th, 2011: B
Rattrap Productions have posted the .45 Adventure 2nd Edition demo rules. From their website: After far too many delays, the demo version of the rules for .45 Adventure 2nd edition are now available
Episode 5 of the Blunt Force Gamer miniatures podcast is now available. From their announcement: This week we discuss how our games went last week in both Fantasy and 40k, we talk a little ramming an
Warlord Games have added more 28mm Imperial Roman figures to their online store.From their announcement:Following on from the massive popularity of our Unleash Hell! Roman General and Hound we now bri
ManorHouse Workshop are once again selling their modular terrain tiles and are also offering discount bundles of their trench sections.
Micro Art Studio have added a new figure, Thomas Rockheart Jr., in their Wolsung Miniatures range of VSF figures.
Mantic Games have posted the box cover art for the Dwarf King’s Hold fantasy boardgame. From their announcement: Mantic are all about big battles and big armies, but the subtleties behind smacking a
Pulp Monsters have posted a preview of Solar's companion Stalker on the front page of their site and are running a poll to determine their next preview. have added a series of 6mm Martian miniatures to their SHM science fiction range. From their announcement: A brand new addition to the SHM science fiction range. The chances of anything
Saber's Edge is now selling PDF copies of the Father Tilly: Campaign Supplement. From their announcement: Saber's Edge Hobbies and Games is pleased to offer Stephen Danes' Father Tilly Campaign Campa
The newest Privateer Insider blog post has a preview of the Warmachine Cygnar Storm Strider including a 360 degree panorama of the miniature.
Privateer Press have posted a preview, including a 360 degree panorama, of the Warmachine Arcantrik Force Generator War Engine. From their website: The arcantrik force generator is a massive engine