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Year 2011

There is a report that one ex-Bastion employee has come to an agreement with a new investor to resurrect the Ex illis game and software. From their website: Good news! The proposition has been accep
Antenociti's Workshop have posted a preview of their Recon-Squad Jet-Bike model and rider. From their website: This is the first miniature in what will become the Recon-squad (pack). The final pac
Baccus have posted photos and details of their newly released 6mm range of Norman miniatures. From their website: I take some personal pleasure in announcing that our Normans have been added to the
Antenociti's Workshop have posted a preview of the rider for their Vampire Grav-Bike model. From their website: Before we get to the pictures though I just wanted to say something about the Vampire
Reaper Miniatures have announced a series of new fantasy and sci-fi releases. From their website: Dark Heaven Legends Fantasy Miniatures 03550: Thurge Threeforge, Dwarf Hero by Bob Olley ($4.99) 0355
The HAVOC: Tactical Miniature Warfare rules are now available from the One Bookshelf series of websites. From their announcement: I am excited to announce that I have partnered with the company tha
Fiendish Fabrications have released a new miniature - Agent Lefebvre. From their announcement: Adding to their growing Gothica Miniature range comes Agent Lefebvre. The beautiful and deadly Agent Le
North Star Military Figures have new 28mm Ancient releases from Immortal Miniatures. From their announcement: Steve May has got two new packs to us to add to Immortal Miniatures range of Ancient Gree
The Blunt Force Gamer blog have posted an unpacking video of the Mantic Games Skeleton box set. From their announcement: Video of an unpacking of the Undead Army box set from Mantic Games for their K
Tor Gaming have released an updated Relics QSR list. From their announcement: We have released an updated version of the Vaettir QSR list for beta. In addition, we have also released the rules for 'K
Battle Miniatures Emporium have posted a preview of one of their new 15mm figures. From their announcement: Shelly is another character from The World of Tomorrow Black. This model is also the seco
Dark Sword Miniatures have added several new fantasy figures to their online store. From their announcement: I wanted to drop you all a quick note to let you know that we have six new releases in our
The MERCS Miniatures forum has a new post with photos of the FCC Boomer and Housemaster painted by Angel Giraldez.
Episode 38 of the SoCalWarhammer podcast is now available. From their announcement: In this episode, Pat sits down with Brian Maddox and John Galbreth from Brookhurst Hobbies. The guys discuss the re
The first episode of a new 40K podcast, The Power Sword, has been posted. From their announcement: Brand new 40k podcast based in the UK, covering tournaments and various 40k hobby related activity!
There is a new episode of the D6 Generation Podcast available for your listening pleasure. From their announcement: Gamers are in all walks of life. But if your an executive of a major corporation, t
PK-PRO have added a new display base to their online store. From their announcement: PK-PRO release a brand new display base in a fantasy prison style. The base is 4 to 4 cm and 5 cm high. It comes
Warlord Games have released a new 1:56 scale WWII Bolt Action French 75mm gun. From their announcement: With many of you collecting our early war French range we thought it only polite to give you
Tor Gaming is offering their Relics range VAT free to EU buyers for one week. From their announcement: We have started our special 20% discount, running for one week only. This effectively knocking t
The Play Unplugged Radio podcast has posted a new episode. From their announcement: In this episode of Play Unplugged Radio, Editor-in-Chief, Enrico Nardini is joined by freelance writer Scott Pyle t
play board games have posted a review of the Castle Panic boardgame. From their announcement: Castle Panic is a competitive cooperative game. Monsters are assaulting the castle, can you and your frie
Kingsley Park has posted a review of the 1:72nd scale WWII British Paratrooper figures recently released by Valiant Miniatures.
Warlord Games have released a WWII Polish Army infantry boxed set and other support figures.From their announcement:If you like to play games set in the early part of WWII (it’s not all Tigers, Sherma have posted photos of the masters of some 28mm Gothic Backpacks and Biohazard helmets sculpted by Morbäck.
Raging Heroes have posted an update on the status of their Manticore/Lamassu miniature. From their website: Well there it is, the production moulds are all done. The first casts made from these mould