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Year 2011

Screaming Heretic posts a new episode:From their posts:Welcome to the final installment of Screaming Heretic for 2012. Its been a great year for us and we’re very grateful for all of the support from
Fenris Games releases new bases: From their webite:Final news from us for 2011 - lots of new bases added to various ranges, including the 120mm "Ark" base shown here. We've also added to the Rubble Ci
Cool Mini or Not now has the Confrontation Griffin Knight, from Legacy Miniatures, available for purchase:
GCT Studios see out 2011 with the last piece of concept art for their next wave:From their website:This update also includes a new short story and news of their Facebook giveaway.
From all of us here at TGN, have a great New Year!
Fantasy Flight Games found errors and omissions with their initial release of Mansion of Madness sets and has set up a page to help fix the problem.From the announcement:Last week, it came to light th
Hasslefree Minis following customer suggestions have added some new shapes and a new range to their selection of die-cut magnetic basing materials:From their website:Following customer suggestions we
WizKids! shows the dials for Wonder Man.From the preview:Today in our preview of the new Galactic Guardians set we visit the 31st century. Here we meet the former Avenger Wonder Man (who has lived ov
Ral Partha Europe announces it's first releases for the New Year:From their website:Our final release for 2011 is the first batch of Demonworld Goblins- 4701 Goblin Warriors (48) £16.004701A Goblin Wa
Fantasy Flight Games shows off downloadable content for Cadwallon: City of Thieves.From their website:Run for Your Life! (pdf, 5.9 MB) is bonus downloadable content for Cadwallon: City of Thieves that
Britton Publishers releases a new scenario book for of combat scenarios:From their announcement:This book contains 12 company level scenarios for 6–15mm that chronicle the USMC involvement in Guadalca
Miniature Building Authority releases Jersey Barriers suitable for any gaming system:From their website:Modern miniature gaming enthusiasts need barriers. We now give you the opportunity to buy your "
Project Good declares its War!!... and it just got a whole lot nicer:From their post:Nice: the Expansion continues the theme of any Genre, any scale & any miniatures. With over 50 new powers, more
Tabletop-Art releases a new baseset:From their post:Here our last baseset for 2011 A big thank you to all our customers for this successful year and a happy new year to all. has posted a video of their product line and has started a new blog discussing their products"From their have expanded their range of Crystal Rock basing material
Najewitz Modellbau releases a new church terrain kit:From their website:My last work for this year the Church of Leuthen. But you can use it as generic church, due it´s created like the Normndy Church
4Tk Gaming has just made Ultimate Commander (UC IV) live on its website and tickets for this 2 day Warhammer 40000 tournament:
Crossover Miniatures previews an upcoming miniature on Kickstarter:From their post:I've got some great shots of our new Villain. We wanted some muscle for our Super Villain figure, so we thought about
Legion of Snake Eyes are proud to present Iron Helix, a Warmachine & Hordes Campaign Weekend on the 25th & 26th February 2012; hosted by Triple Helix Wargames in Westbury, Wiltshire:From their announc
Warlord Games previews their new Germanics line for Hail Caesar.What they say about it:Renowned sculptor, Steve Saleh, has been hard at work revamping our Germanic tribesmen range.Here’s a quick look
Warlord Games now taking pre-ordering for their plastic AZW Natal Native Contingent in their online store.From their announcement:The latest of the plastic boxed sets produced in conjunction with Empr
Warlord Games releases new Bolt Action German paint set.From their website:Rounding off our Bolt Action paint sets are these covering the forces of the Third Reich. Whether your force comprises Waffen
Tor Gaming releases a new undead bust.From their site:We hope you all had a rather spiffing Christmas and got yourself plenty of miniatures and hobby supplies. Well, not too many as I am sure 2012 wil
Miniature Building Authority posts up their new releases.From their website:After a long delay, the new Miniature Building Authority products will be here on Tuesday. We will be unpacking them and pre
PicoArmor is releasing Hind Commander packs of strike groups.From their announcement:Hind Commander Aircraft Support Pack has enough airplanes for a few strike groups. It is perfect for commanders who