Vesper-On Games second wave of Carnevale

Vesper-On Games announces new releases for their game Carnevale:

From their announcement:

New stuff on site!!
We launched the second wave of the first Carnevale releases, with new models and new ways to get your miniatures:

New blisters:
Every single model presented in blisters contains one or two models .

New models:
Pulcinelas from the Guild faction
The Rhinoceros, of the Doctors of the Ospedale.

Lost Hemisphere Radio Episode 43 posted

Lost Hemisphere Radio posts Episode #43 and wraps up their Domination coverage:

From their announcement:

It’s time to finish up our waltz through Domination, and we saved the Minions to chat with a guest who actually plays a Blindwater Congregation… and he just happens to be the Editor in Chief of No Quarter magazine as well, so we thought we’d drag him through the latest release of our favourite periodical.

Want to know who’s really responsible for what happened to Kromac’s axe? Find out by downloading the episode on iTunes, or from Lost Hemisphere.

The Black Ocean Posts Regrets for Wild West Shootout

The Black Ocean will be unable to Attend The Wild West Shootout 2:

From their announcement:

This is to announce that The Black Ocean will be unable to attend the Battlefoam Wild West Shoot Out on January 6 thru 8th this year due to a scheduling conflict. It is with heavy hearts that we must withdraw from this great event. If you were planning on attending the Firestorm Armada Tournament the Black Ocean will not be running that this year.
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Steel Crown Productions releases 28mm Royal Empire Conscripts

Steel Crown Productions previews their Exodus Wars 28mm Royal Empire Conscripts:

From their announcement:

We’ve an extensive range in 6mm and have now started to create our miniatures in 28mm as well, the models are accompanied by a game system featuring competing bands of mercenaries. Our first squad is based around humans, in particular the Royal Empire of Man. We are releasing each model as a component for £2.95 (reduced to £1.95 for until January the 31st) or as a squad for £14.95 (reduced to £12.95 until January the 31st).
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Capitan Miniatures Post Completetion of 18mm Series

Capitan Miniatures posts that the 18mm Master and Commander series is done:

From their announcement:

Mike Broadbent, has sent us the last greens of the 18mm series Master & Commander – Close Quarters- they are the Barbary corsairs, now all the series is finished that will include:

British: 3 Officers, 3 Royal Navy Marines

US Navy: 3 Officers, 4 US Navy Marines

Spanish: 3 Officers, 5 Marines

French: 3 Officers, 3 Marines

Barbary Corsairs: 3 Officres, 3 Corsairs

Sailors: 7 sailors

40 Totally new miniatures

Now we start the production phase of the miniatures and ending the printing composition phase of the rules, we will launch all the miniatures and the game about the 15th of december. Don’t miss it.

Irrational Number Line Games presents Film Noir Double Feature

Irrational Number Line Games presents Film Noir Double Feature:

From their announcement:

Irrational Number Line Games has released a pair of two player games requiring keen insight, attention to detail, and a little knuckledusting, too. Both games are set up with an overarching plotline driven by a deck of (stacked) cards, so that while every game is different, they are not completely random either. Coming out on top will require good fights and deductive logic. Too little of either, and you’ll wind up behind the eight ball. There are a total of ten system indepdent skirmish scenarios, which are designed for lots of replay value depending on how the storyline cards come out.

A number of aids are provided to help you get playing:

* paper terrain templates
* simple paper film noir style figures
* tailored stats for INLGames’ QILS system
* hints to pull the scenes out for one-off play
* some of the works dialogue and most hackneyed writing you have ever seen!

Wargame Shop launches Shiloh Boardgame

Wargame Shop launches Shiloh Boardgame:

From their announcement:

Wargame Shop launches the tenth battle in the American Civil War series of 3D boardgames. It follows on from the successful Jackson Valley Campaign Set of battles that were recently published. The boardgames come in PDF format, you just print them and play. Optionally you can take a little extra time an dconvery the game board in to a 3D landscape that really enhances the feel of the game. The boardgame is availible through the Wargame Shop website.

Remember its that simple just print and play

CorSec Enginneering previews 15mm Barrier Fence

CorSec Enginneering previews the Barrier Fence for 15mm:

From their announcement:

Having trouble keeping your colony safe from roaming dinosaurs or giant alien bugs? Need a new laser or plasma fence? We have the solution for you. The CorSec Engineering Barrier Fence.

This fence is designed to work with 15mm. Plans are to release a 28mm version as well.

Secret Weapon Miniatures releases Gothic Tank Traps

Secret Weapon Miniatures Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

The Gothic Terrain: Tank Traps are finally here! You get a set of ten pressure cast resin tank traps measuring 23x23x20mm for $10 — a bargain given the amount of resin going into these bad boys.

I am also happy to announce that the original straight side Runic Mountain sculpts have been remastered with a beveled edge — effectively doubling the available Runic Mountain selection!

Both products are available for immediate purchase at the Secret Weapon store.

Taban Miniatures December Releases

Taban Miniatures Announces December Releases:

From their announcement:

This December will be rich in events for Taban Miniatures and the range “EDEN”… 2 years after the official launch of our skirmishes game a sixth faction strengthens the ranks of the survivors of the Apocalypse.

Usually source of terrifying drones, it is now humans who emerge from the cyber-shelters of the ISC… With a serious score to settle against the machines ….

Oppressed, exterminated, the Resistant one arrive and raise the veil on the origin of the mysterious robots. From the bottom of their vast underground city where scientists reign supreme, some members of the ISC wants to pry open the vault’s doors without the green light from their leaders.

This revolution, harshly repressed by peaceful drones turned into killing machines. will find its way to the surface early in December!

Seasoned by years of underground fighting and strong of their scientific ISC background, the Resistance has developed materials to suit its needs: energy weapons, guided robots, exoskeletons and cybernetic implants …
This will not be too much to survive the horrors of the surface ….

The starter box of the faction will be available by December 7. The 400 initial ones launched as a limited edition containing an exclusive Eden miniature !

The D6 Generation Podcast Posts Super Dungeon Explore Review

The D6 Generation Podcast: Posts Super Dungeon Explore Review:

From their announcement:

In episode 92 the third chair is filled by Randall Bills. Randall has worked in the Adventure Gaming industry for over 15 years. He’s worked on such seminal properties as BattleTech and Shadowrun, while bringing other great universes to life, such as Cosmic Patrol and Leviathans.

A great game is published, but how and why should you expand it. Join the guys as they examine the different ways games are grown. Which method is best for which type of game?

Later it’s time to review Super Dungeon Explore from Cool Mini or Not and Soda Pop miniatures. Does the world need yet another dungeon exploring game populated with Chibi’s? Let’s find out…

All that and our other not-too-horrible segments including:
– The Hollywood Minute
– Total Fan Girl
– Do You Ever Notice
– & More

Mantic Games Announces Pre Order of Mantic Journal

Mantic Games Announces Pre Order of Mantic Journal:

From their announcement:

When the Mantic Journal first came out no-one knew of Mantic Games (well not many certainly!) – but we are a wargames and miniatures company and with paper launches for 5 (yes 5!) games next year we just don’t have the time to keep printing the journal in its current format. So Issue 5 is the last we have, but it is a fantastic one – so pop over to the site and pick up what is sure to be a slice of Mantic history, and visit the blog to read more.

This week – be sure to check back on our “Death to the Journal” blog week and Dwarf King’s Hold: Ancient Grudge get its first airing.

Scibor Monstrous Miniatures Holiday release

Scibor Monstrous Miniatures Announces New Release:

From their announcement:

Santa Bear Eater and his Elf are our Christmas Miniatures. Teddy bear is gratis, not for the reason that it is damaged, but because Ogre Santa doesn’t like it and gives it back to us.
In blister You’ll find 2 unpainted resin miniatures and 2 x 40mm square ,scenic, resin bases.

Barking Irons posts new scenarios

Barking Irons Posts New Scenarios:

From their announcement:

Today sees the release of the next scenario of Gavin Syme’s Moth Arc, Prydia Bleeds. Continuing the official storyline of the fall of Kendall III at the very start of the Prydian Civil War.

Baron Jay McKindless and his Prydian Troops must prevent a post of heavily armoured Canlastrian Desteria Knights from deploying in this tense scenario set on the roof of a skyscaper high above the streets of Ullswater.

Whilst designed for AA’s Moth rules it can be played using any science fiction system you want.

Keep the Flag Flying !

Craig Andrews
Barking Irons

Ninjabread releases new shirt

Ninjabread Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

Put the WAR in your wardrobe with the brand new Ninjabread shirts.

The first wave of Ninjabread apparel is now ready to stop you gaming unclothed. Tee-shirts proudly emblazoned with Radical Inquisitor Murderbunga, the Cyberknight Thundershark, le Minotour de France and Ultracurses are now all ready you to slide your unclothed body into.

They’re far better at stuffing any stocking than a piddly little miniature, making your Christmas go further.
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From their announcement:

Hello Everyone,

We have just released a new 15mm sci-fi miniature by Nick Kondratov in the aspiring designer SHM range at

The Controller is possessed of a mighty mind and a frail body. Overseeing the actions of his minion legions he is a foe not to be taken lightly. Perfect for the evil leader of your alien army! This miniature is supplied as one piece and stands approx 12mm tall exluding pictured plastic base and wire flight stick.

You can order the Controller direct from our website now for only 0.50GBP.

Please note the base and stick are not supplied with the miniature. You can find the base in code LBA5.

Thanks for Reading, Alexander Scott.

Defiance Games LLC New Releases

Defiance Games LLC Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

Defiance Games has announced that their 28mm (1/56 scale) hard plastic SF US Marines for the Alien War range – are now available to order.

This is a 24 figure set (including 24 25mm round bases) that comes with a large number of weapon options, packs, heads, and extras.

The set retails for $29.95 – but there are also 2 launch special offers.

4-set deal (96 figures) for $99
8-set deal (192 figures) for $199

Shipping if free worldwide for the 2 deals and only $5.95 otherwise.

Kromlech Announces Upcoming Releases

Kromlech Announces Upcoming Releases:

From their announcement:

We would like to present you WIP pictures of our new miniature, the Orc Desert Raider! We are still working on the crew for it, but they are almost finished, so we will update you with more photos in the very near future.

We have also started our new facebook fanpage.
For more photos, visit it and like it here:

Broken Egg Games, a New Gaming Company

Broken Egg Games a New Gaming Company:

From their announcement:

Broken Egg Games is an American based gaming company dedicated to producing high quality gaming materials. Our first product line is a high quality display board to be used with skirmish sized miniature war games. We call them, Egg Trays! We have different sized boards in different finishes. The boards have a felt lined area for gaming materials or to roll dice. Please check out our web site and facebook page.

Baccus 6mm Announces New Releases

Baccus 6mm Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

At long last, and after much trials, many tears and multitudinous tribulations, the resculpted Ancient Greeks are now available!

These include a much requested ‘attacking’ option which look quite splendid when ranked up and bearing down on the enemy. You can find more details if you go to Just to put you in the mood, there’s a couple of piccys of just what you can expect on the News page

At this time of year it’s quite common for wargamers’ spouses/partners/significant others/girlfriends/mothers/daughters and sisters to turn their mind to buying the Man in their life some little soldiers. It’s also common for said group to give up in despair as they come across a bewildering array of armies, periods and figure codes. As usual, we do our best to promote familial harmony by making Baccus Gift Vouchers available to ease the pain from the process. If you know what you want Santa to bring, but are sure that Santa’s Little Helper won’t have a clue where to start, then just go to this little link here…

Critical Mass Games Announces New Releases

Critical Mass Games Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

This month’s much awaited releases are now available in the Protolene Khanate section of the online store.

The Protolene Khans, great warrior leaders of the Scout, Hunter and Predator sects are available in 3 different corresponding infantry packs. Each pack contains 6 miniatures, 2 of each pose.

PRKH1 – Protolene Khanate Scout Khan Command Figures – £3.70
PRKH2 – Protolene Khanate Hunter Khan Command Figures – £3.70
PRKH3 – Protolene Khanate Predator Khan Command Figures – £3.70

These miniatures represent the army command figures from the Protolene Khanate lists found in the Critical Mass Rulebook.

Foundry Announces New Releases

Foundry Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

The Tribes of Legend Collection
We will soon be launching our exciting new game book set in the world of Greek mythology; “Tribes of Legend – Greek Gods, Myths, Magic and Monsters”.
We are releasing a massive range of new models to complement the game. The second collection includes: The Gods; Artemis, Athena, Hera, Demeter and Eros; Legendry Trojan Warriors; Priam, Hector, Paris, and a couple of Trojan Guards; Medusa & the Gorgons, Harpies, a Chimera, The Children of the Hydra (Skeleton Warriors) and armoured Centaurs!

The Greek Gods, Myths, Magic and Monsters Collection
Our first collection includes: The Gods; Poseidon, Hades, Zeus, Hephaestus and Ares; Legendry Greek Warriors, Odysseus, Menelaus, Agamemnon, Achilles and Ajax plus the Graeae and Perseus, Satyrs, Harpies, Centaurs, a Hydra and a Bronze Bull!

6Sided Launches “Flickr For Wargamers”

6Sided Launches “Flickr For Wargamers”:

From their announcement:

Flickr is an image hosting and sharing site. You upload images and people can view them, comment on them and share them.

The problem is that unless you are sending people to your Flickr account, few gamers will see your lovely photo’s. has today officially launched its version of Flickr, called “MiniPics”.
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Battle Flag Announces New Releases

Battle Flag Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

This week not only sees the release of shield transfers for, my favorite knights of the early medieval period, The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, more often called The Teutonic Knights but also two more flag sets for our already extensive range of superb 28mm English Civil War flags.
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Mantic Games Previews Corporation Concept Art

Mantic Games Previews Corporation Concept Art:

From their announcement:

To celebrate Cyber Monday we bring you gifts ranging from the last 24 hours of our US$ 15% off voucher code (that’s THANKSGIVING2011 to any one that missed it), to this concept art for the Corporation:

The Corporation are coming in March 2012. For the first look at the Corporation models, make sure your signed-up to our newsletter for your Christmas Day Corporation Present and all of the latest news and gossip on forthcoming Mantic releases.

Osprey Publishing Ltd Announces New Wargames Series

Osprey Publishing Ltd Announces New Wargames Series:

From their announcement:

In August of 2012, Osprey Publishing will launch a new series of small, completely self-contained wargames! These 64-page books will contain all the information you need to play – rules, army lists, scenarios and more – and will also be graced with Osprey artwork throughout.
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Hasslefree Miniatures Announces Special Offers

Hasslefree Miniatures Announces Special Offers:

From their announcement:

Its that time of year again, wow that came around quickly!

As we missed out on the summer bonus time we have upped our game for this years December Bonus Time.

We also need to say “many thanks” for your support this year, the last 15 months has been undeniably the most difficult in our entire history. A lot of big decisions and major changes have taken place at home and work, lets hope this has been enough to get us through 2012!
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Armor Grid Games and Miniatures Announces Cyber Monday Sale

Armor Grid Games and Miniatures Announces Cyber Monday Sale:

From theri announcment:

Armor Grid Games and Miniatures is having a Cyber Monday Sale! All of our products will be discounted 30% for one day only- Cyber Monday: November 28. This sale includes the award winning “Armor Grid: Mech Attack!”, the innovative battlefield tile generator- “Hex Grid: Battle Tiles”, and our latest product- “Armor Grid: Mech Factory – Battle Colors”.

Please check out our product page at by clicking the above link and help spread the word about this sale to anyone interested in mech wargaming.

Thanks for playing!

-Armor Grid Games and Miniatures

Print, Build, & Attack!