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Year 2011

Hopefully everyone gets their fair share of Tricks and Treats. From all of us at TGN and CMON we hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!
Tabletop-Art announce new shipping rates:From their announcement:Due to growing international requests in our products , we have a new module in our Shop for calculating the shipping costs for every o
PK-PRO announces new chariot sized bases:From their announcement:The new Carriot bases arrived at PK-PRO! In wood, rock and desert style. And the best, the more you buy, the cheaper they are :)
Irrational Number Line Games have announced a new supplement available on their announcement:Irrational Number Line Games has their final Halloween themed Idea of the Week, a gen
Hyacinth Games have started a kickstarter to fund their upcoming game, Wreck Age:From their announcement:Wreck age, a new miniatures and game line is up on Kickstarter.
GCT Studios shows their new releases and concepts of future products:From their announcement:Just in time for Halloween Bushido bring us the first pictures of their Orphan and Spirit. We hope you like announce the line-up of New Year's Cleave:From their announcement:Well folks it’s time to start planning all those BIG EVENT GAME DAYS as we head toward our second annual “New Years
RPE -Ral Partha Europe announce the release of Demonworld Dwarves:From their announcement:The first batch of 15mm Dwarves are up on the site now- more releases to follow soon.4401 Heavy Clan Veterans
Board to Death TV post a video review of Duel of the Giants:From their announcement:New video review for the two player war game from Z-MAN. By Board to Death TV.
New Warhammer Armies were posted on their announcement:Fimir Army A new (unofficial) Army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle - they emerged from the mists !Fimir were
Screaming Heretic announce a new episode:From their announcement:Screaming Heretic Ep 13 is released!
Miniature Wargames are offering two free Mantic Ghouls with the purchase of their magazine: From their announcement:The latest issue of Miniature Wargames, the much awaited Darker Horizons sci-fi & fa
Impact! Miniatures anounce the availability of their Scotlings:From their announcement:Following up on a very succesfull Kickstarter Campaign, Impact! is pleased to release the full Scotling miniature
Freebooter Miniatures announce a new Amazon miniature for Freebooter:From their announcement:Freebooter have released the latest Amazon for their Freebooter's Fate game. The lady in question, called O
Vexillia Limited offer a sample pack from their line for a limited time:From their announcement:For a limited time we are offering a £5.00 sample pack containing figures selected at random from the 32
Alternative Armies have published a new scenario for their game Fire Fight on Barking Irons:From their announcement:Heya Folks !Today sees the next mission of Greg Rumbles hugely popular Arc for Firef
Reinforcements by Post has moved to a new site:From their announcement:We have a new web site. I had to switch over to a new site because the old site, which hobbled together in raw HTML, was too diff
Games Workshop announce Advance Order for Necron line:Reanimated with new characters, war machines and a Codex, legions of Necrons are available for you to Advance Order today. They'll be heading into
Cipher Studios have just shipped a wave of 2 new Anima Tactics figures to their distribution partners:From their announcement:We have just shipped a wave of 2 new Anima Tactics figures to our distribu
Pulp Monsters preview an upcoming miniature for their game Pulp City:From their announcement:Coming soon for Pulp City - Doom Train!. This evil engine of destruction is a Level 2 Supreme for the Necro
Gears & Guts/Company B announce the pre-order of their newest model at Fall-In:From their announcement:The first 1/56th scale Gear Krieg combat walker kit, the US M11 Combat Walker “General Early” wil
Warlord Games preview a new model for Bolt Action:From their announcement:The first of several releases on the way for our early war French range, the P16 mounts a 3.7cm gun and co-axial 75mm machine
Finger and Toe Models announce a new cardstock terrain set:From their announcement:Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm card stock MULTI-STORY RUINS. Designed to go with Finger and
Corvus Belli SLL have provided information about their October releases:From their announcement:Loup-Garou. (Box with 4 male figures). A new multi-part unit box providing all remaining weapon options
AGEMA releases a new rules set for Sci Fi game for use with 28mm figures:From their announcement:Agema has released a brand new set of science-fiction wargame rules ideal for use with 28mm figures! Th