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Year 2011

Pendraken Miniatures is now accepting entries for their painting competition. From their announcement: The competition will be running for 4 weeks, starting on Feb 1st, and running through to the 28t
Pendraken Miniatures have posted details of their February 2011 releases of 10mm historical and fantasy figures and accessories. From their announcement: This month sees the release of a nice littl
Dungeons & Dragons Dice Shaped Sculpted Ceramic Mug
Saber's Edge is now selling PDF copies of the Tudor Warfare supplement for the Bad War historical rules by Stephen Dane. From their announcement: Tudor Warfare is the second supplement for Bad War -
Spanish gaming site Miniaturas y Wargames has a preview of a the 15mm European Town terrain set from Escenorama.
The latest Guts N Gears podcast takes a look at issue 34 of No Quarter magazine. From their announcement: Andres, Aeryn Rudel (Editor in Chief of the NQ magazine), Mouth of the South, & David Carl (D
Ground Zero Games have posted an update on their shipping schedule and event appearance. From their website: Here we are at the end of the month already, and it hardly seems five minutes since Christ
Reaper Miniatures have updated their Preview gallery with photos of several upcoming miniatures including a Shadow Demon and Orangutango, Cyber-Ape.
Green Eyed Minis have launched their website and online store. From their announcement: Green Eyed Minis is launching its website today and we hope you can stop by and take a look. Our vision is to
Privateer Press is now selling Lock and Load event Badges. From their website: The wait is finally over. Lock and Load Gamefest 2011 badges are on sale now from the Privateer Press online store. As a
The latest D6 Generation Podcast episode has a segment with their predications for 2011. From their announcement: We couldn't let January slip by without our annual predictions for the up coming year
Warlord Games have posted photos and details of their Bolt Action Chindits Box Set and Support figures.From their announcement:Orde Wingate’s tough jungle fighters are now here. Taking the fight behin
The Army Painter have added a new basing kit to range of basing accessories. From their announcement: Following our success of the Battlefields XP: Hero Basing resin bits, Polish MaxMini has made a
The special pricing on Mantic Games' Army Deals will end tomorrow. From their announcement: Last chance everyone. Today is the last time you will be able to pick up our web deals at pre-VAT prices –
The No Limits website now has a set of stat cards to allow you to use the AT-43 Therian miniatures with the No Limits sci-fi rules.
Thomarillion have new miniature and terrain releases on their website. From their announcement: Thomarillion have released a set of six 28mm tools, a dragon-skeleton and a burro.
The Painting Mum blog has a new tutorial showing how to achieve chiaroscuro effect on your miniatures. From their announcement: Ana a.k.a. the Painting Mum says: "I keep receiving mail and private me
Matt Wilson from Privateer Press has posted a response, on the PP Forums, to concerns about delays in restocks of Warmachine and Hordes figures.
The latest Privateer Insider has Andrea Uderzo's art for the Menoth Vessel of Judgment War Engine.
NG International have released the Dakota boardgame. From their announcement: The new board game inspired by the conquest of the West is now available in Europe and will hit the stores in USA on Febr
Quantum Gothic have sent details their January 2011 releases. From their announcement: Crater 87 : We'll be starting a dedicated range on 'rubble and craters' to complement our existing scenery kits.
Harwood Hobbies have released their Dr. Zander miniature.From their announcement:Dr. Zander is up for sale at Harwood Hobbies.  He has 3 variants - "normal", "armed" and "zombified".  All are approxim
Critical Mass Games have started their sale a day early and also have new releases available. From their website: The sale has arrived, yes a whole day early as we have finished updating the websit
Baccus have posted photos and details of some of the resculpted 6mm Russian Napoleonic figures they will soon be releasing. From their website: I am very pleased to be able to say that the first g
A & A Miniatures' February offer is a deal on their historical cavalry miniatures. From their website: This month February 2011 we have another great offer. Each pack of cavalry figures ordered will
Mantic Games will be releasing a fantasy boardgame called Dwarf Kings Hold in March 2011. Beasts of War have more details on the game.