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Year 2011

Pendraken Miniatures is now accepting entries for their painting competition. From their announcement:
The competition will be running for 4 weeks, starting on Feb 1st, and running through to the 28th. There will be 4 categories:
  • Foot Min: 3 / Max: 10 figures on a single base
  • Mounted Min: 3 / Max: 6 figures on a single base
  • Vehicle Single vehicle on or off base
  • Open Anything you'd like to put in, single figures, mini diorama's, anything. Maximum base size of 60x60mm
  • Firstly, all figures must be Pendraken. Conversions are allowed, but only on our figures.
  • You must be a Pendraken Forum member to enter.
  • You may enter as many times as you like but each entry is only allowed one photo. You can combine several shots into a montage if you wish, but still only one image. If you have any difficulty posting pics, they can be emailed to Pendraken and we'll put them up for you.
  • All entries must be your own work, and have not been entered into any online competitions before.
  • You can post WIP photo's if you wish, and you can also post extra photo's of your work elsewhere on the Forum. These will not count towards your competition entry.
  • The winners will be decided by a team of judges.
  • Competition threads will be created on the opening date, purely for your entries.
There will be some decent prizes up for grabs, so this is a great opportunity to get your hands on some Pendraken goodies.
Pendraken Miniatures have posted details of their February 2011 releases of 10mm historical and fantasy figures and accessories. Pendraken's February releases From their announcement:
This month sees the release of a nice little selection of items, from SYW French with turnbacks, to the FPW Personalities. Also this month sees the release of the latest lot of AWI codes, with some command packs and the Rhode Island regiment, and some stone pillars to go in your Dungeon's. Bringing up the rear, we've added a load of bases to the offering, from little 20x15's, all the way up to 80x80mm bases. Next month we're hoping to have the round bases all ready for you as well. And finally, we've got a couple more colours of scatters and grasses, and some more glues to stick them down with. So, here you go:


  • SYF23 Tricorn foot marching, turnbacks (30)
  • SYF24 Tricorn foot firing, turnbacks (30)
  • SYW14 Generic kneeling, firing (30)


  • AWB38 Saratoga command, standing (15)
  • AWB39 Saratoga command, marching (15)
  • AWB40 Cutdown coat/round hat command, standing (15)
  • AWB41 Cutdown coat/round hats command, charging(15)
  • AWA20 Continental command, 1779 Reg’s, standing (30)
  • AWA21 Rhode Island regiment, inc. command (30)
Tudor WarfareSaber's Edge is now selling PDF copies of the Tudor Warfare supplement for the Bad War historical rules by Stephen Dane. From their announcement: Tudor Warfare is the second supplement for Bad War - the Renaissance battle rules. As the title suggests, the armies and battles of the Tudor and Elizabethan wars are covered here. Inside, players can find army lists for the Anglo-Scottish Wars, as well as details for the Royal and Rebel armies of the Western Rebellion. Also featured is a French army list to provide opposition for Henry’s continental adventures. There are also details for the armies that fought in Ireland, both native Irish, “Old English” and the English Elizabethan army. Three scenarios are also included, for the battles of Flodden, Pinkie, and Yellow Ford. These detail the background, orders of battle, unit deployment and maps, and also provide unit cards for all of the participants in the battles. This period offers players the chance to fight a variety of battles, from the massed conflicts in the open terrain of the Scottish Wars to the smaller more chaotic encounters in the dense terrain of Ireland. It also takes players from the medieval weapons and tactics at the beginning of the sixteenth century, to the gradual introduction and eventual dominance of the firearm towards the end of the period. Whichever battles players choose to fight, they will find an interesting, enjoyable and often overlooked period of early modern warfare. $8.00 USD PDF (A4) Discuss
The latest Guts N Gears podcast takes a look at issue 34 of No Quarter magazine. From their announcement:
Andres, Aeryn Rudel (Editor in Chief of the NQ magazine), Mouth of the South, & David Carl (Development Manager for Privateer Press). Go through this stella issue of the No Quarter Magazine: 34 GNG app holders for Apple & Android devices, Attachments to the Episode: Battle Engine Wall Paper: Cryx Wraith NQ PDF, Ranking officers Article, have a read of the Ranking Officers article on your Apple or Android device whilst listening into the show. Notes & Highlights:
  • UK Masters
  • -Salute (UK)
  • -Flood Machine (Australia)
  • Nordic Masters (Finland)
  • Welsh opens (Wales , UK)
  • Emails from the GNG listeners
  • NQ Review
  • -Ranking officers (bit more depth)
  • -Strategic Academy
  • -Guts N Gears articles
  • -and a whole lot more. Mouth of the South, really really likes the Bethane & Belphagor Model.
  • Suggested "The old to new" NQ magazine theme tune
Ground Zero Games have posted an update on their shipping schedule and event appearance. From their website:
Here we are at the end of the month already, and it hardly seems five minutes since Christmas! I'm SLOWLY catching up with orders (at least, on average more are going out each day than are coming in....), but there are still a lot to do; the volume of orders slowed  a LITTLE this month, but we still received a lot - I'm working through them, but will still be casting and dispatching January orders well into February. Of course, in February all those of you who got discount vouchers from your pre-Christmas orders will be wanting to spend them - and you'll also be wanting to know if there will be any new stuff out in time to order it with the vouchers. The answer is hopefully yes - but it won't be till towards the end of the month, as I've got to fit the making of new moulds in between making stock to keep the order dispatches going. I know this will mean a rush of orders right at the end of Feb, but at least that may enable me to get a lot more of the other ones out first.
Check out their website for full details. Discuss 8
Reaper Miniatures have updated their Preview gallery with photos of several upcoming miniatures including a Shadow Demon and Orangutango, Cyber-Ape. Discuss
Green Eyed Minis have launched their website and online store. From their announcement:
Green Eyed Minis is launching its website today and we hope you can stop by and take a look. Our vision is to make huge armies available to everyone and to recapture the glory days of when gaming tables groaned under the weight of the forces amassed on them. No more will you be forced to fight games with a few dozen figures on each side; Green Eyed Minis is all about getting big armies on to your gaming table. Our first range is the Dwarven Empire which is currently marching to war across our gaming tables at GEM HQ. The army has all the core elements you need to build a formidable force and new regiments are being worked on as we speak, so reinforcements are due soon. Not only that but our second army will be available in March. Thanks for looking and good gaming.
Discuss 1
Privateer Press is now selling Lock and Load event Badges. From their website:
The wait is finally over. Lock and Load Gamefest 2011 badges are on sale now from the Privateer Press online store. As a special thank you to everyone who registers early, attendees who purchase their badge before April 15th will receive early store access on the first day of the event, a special signed Privateer Press 10th Anniversary No Quarter Magazine, and a chance to be a randomly selected contestant for the P3 Iron Painter and Privateer Press Ultimate Trivia special events. In addition the preliminary event schedule for Lock and Load has been posted here so you can begin planning your ultimate Privateer Press experience. Be sure to check back regularly though, as more events will be announced when event registration opens in April.
The latest D6 Generation Podcast episode has a segment with their predications for 2011. From their announcement:
We couldn't let January slip by without our annual predictions for the up coming year. What does 2011 hold for the world of gaming? To be honest, we've got no idea, but it's fun to try and guess. Later it's back to mulling mechanincs. This time it is scenario design. What makes a good scenario? How do you design one yourself? Raef, Russ, and Craig give there thoughts on this fun way to enhance your gaming
Warlord Games have posted photos and details of their Bolt Action Chindits Box Set and Support figures.

From their announcement:
Orde Wingate’s tough jungle fighters are now here. Taking the fight behind enemy lines and in some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain these chaps are the epitome of British doggedness.

The Chindits box set contains:
  • Command: Officer with Thompson SMG, Sergeant with M1 Carbine, Medic and radio operator. 2-man 2" mortar team.

  • 10-man Section: 2x NCO with M1 carbine, 2-man Bren Gun team, 6 Chindits with Lee Enfield rifles.

  • 2 Burmese scouts

  • Mule and handler

  • Random wounded Chindit

Also available are the Chindits Vickers HMG team and some splendid character models, including Maj. General Wingate himself.

All of these figures are now available to order from our website, or from your local FLGS
The Army Painter have added a new basing kit to range of basing accessories. Body parts basing kit From their announcement:
Following our success of the Battlefields XP: Hero Basing resin bits, Polish MaxMini has made a new set for The Army Painter. This time it is a little more bloody and gory. Released in March 2011 we have the 7 resin bits Battlefields XP: Body Parts. The 7 bits consists of chopped off limbs, mutilated bodies and lots of blood and gore. The resin pieces can also be made into excellent Wound Markers for monsters or as essential games pieces in Mantics Kings of War or Warlords Black Powder. On the hobby side of things we continue our WH40.000 theme with a new Imperial Fist Space Marine Gallery using Colour Primer Daemonic Yellow and Quickshade Soft Tone. For more information go to
The special pricing on Mantic Games' Army Deals will end tomorrow. From their announcement:
Last chance everyone. Today is the last time you will be able to pick up our web deals at pre-VAT prices – so if you want to get a huge army at an unbelievable price then this is a great time to do it. On the 1st February (tomorrow.), our largest Army Deals will be coming off the site as we implement the price changes to the sets and reduce the contents in line with the new prices. Don’t miss the opportunity to pick up a great deal. We have tried to give you as much notice as we can to order of one of these truly amazing value for money sets – sometimes savings of over £50 off the normal retail – so get your hands on everything from a Liche King’s 200 figure+ Undead Horde to an Elven host of epic proportions, and all including free printed Kings of War rules and a Mantic Messenger Bag if you Deluxe Your Order. (just add a handy and stylish Messenger bag for £5.) The countdown is nearly over, don’t miss this. Offers end Midnight GMT 31st January.
Thomarillion have new miniature and terrain releases on their website. Pack Mule From their announcement:
Thomarillion have released a set of six 28mm tools, a dragon-skeleton and a burro.
The Painting Mum blog has a new tutorial showing how to achieve chiaroscuro effect on your miniatures. From their announcement:
Ana a.k.a. the Painting Mum says: "I keep receiving mail and private messages from hobbyists, most of them very kind and encouraging. Thanks for this! Some people ask me questions about my painting methods or techniques. Sometimes I don't have enough time to respond to all of them individually, but some of my answers could be useful to more people than only the person who asked the question. I will be trying to publish such answers on this blog. So here is one of such answers - expanded with some more information and served for your pleasure :) 'How to build chiaroscuro with glazes?'"
Discuss 2
NG International have released the Dakota boardgame. From their announcement:
The new board game inspired by the conquest of the West is now available in Europe and will hit the stores in USA on February   Take part in the epic history of the Wild West colonization, leading a group of settlers or a tribe of natives: NG International announces the release of Dakota, an “euro-style” board game for 3 to 5 players with linear mechanics inspired to the conquest of the West, created by Piero Cioni and published by NG International in Italian and English languages, with partners for the German (Heidelberger) and Japanese (Hobby Japan) editions. Dakota is now available in Europe and will arrive in America by the end of February.   In Dakota, each player belongs to one of the two factions, settler or native, and tries to achieve his objectives by making alliances from time to time with the others, independent of their parties, thanks to a game mechanic that allows to play in a balanced way even with a different number of settler and native players. The settlers try to exploit the territory in order to make it productive for industry and agriculture, while the natives must make all efforts to keep the territory virgin as long as possible, while at the same time using its resources for the prosperity of their own tribe.   Dakota is the first game published by NG International with the Tenki Games brand. The suggested retail price is US$ 59.99/€49,90. Further information about the game and its rulebook in PDF format are available at  
January releasesQuantum Gothic have sent details their January 2011 releases. From their announcement: Crater 87 : We'll be starting a dedicated range on 'rubble and craters' to complement our existing scenery kits. This first 'large' Crater ( L205xD155mm - crater diameter 87mm ) is now ready available at a price of £11.40. Bunker Top V2 : An upgrade to our existing Armored Bunker kit which allows to mount our regular artillery kits ( Q_Cannon, Catalyst, Dish and our latest Sentry Rocket V1 - all sold separately ). The kit is sold on its own at a price of £8.40 or complete with Bunker ( Armoured Bunker V2 ) at a price of £20.40. Wall Emplacement : This brand new Armored Wall section ( 101mm in Lenght ) will help you integrate our artillery pieces to the rest of the Wall structure. Q_Cannon, Catalyst, Dish ( sold separately ) and our future (regular) artillery kits can now more efficiently be part of this defense line structure giving a unique and practical visual kick to any sci-fi battlefields. Now available at a price of £6.40.   Sentry Wall : A brand new Armored Wall section ( 77mm in Lenght ) allowing you to integrate our Sentry Guns ( sold separately ) to our Wall structure. Place it nearby a Gate or at regular intervals along the Wall perimeter to upgrade your defense lines. Available at a price of £4.60 Sentry Rocket V1 : A 'six pack' Automated Racket/Missile Launcher. Intended to boost our range of Sentry Guns, in fact this is the first of a higher level of automated gun-platforms which uses the same platform type/host used for our artillery kits. Now available at a price of £10.40. Discuss
Harwood Hobbies have released their Dr. Zander miniature.

From their announcement:
Dr. Zander is up for sale at Harwood Hobbies.  He has 3 variants - "normal", "armed" and "zombified".  All are approximately 29mm in height.  They are available separately and as a pack of three (at a discount.)."
Critical Mass Games have started their sale a day early and also have new releases available. ZAS Infantry From their website:
The sale has arrived, yes a whole day early as we have finished updating the website sooner than expected. All prices are now discounted throughout the site.
  • 20% off all Infantry Packs
  • 15% off all Buildings & Accessories
  • 15% off all Single Vehicles
  • 10% off all Vehicles Platoon Deals
On top of that we have managed to sneak in this months new releases early to give you chance to grab some with out rushing in on the sale late. First up are the ZAS Infantry adding four new exciting characters to the Mercenaries range. In the Accessories section we have added four new codes for Street Furniture, with Street Lamps, Bollards and Bulk Head Lights. These are available in a bulk pack containing 24 pieces (8 of each item type) or in specific item packs containing 8 of each piece.
Baccus have posted photos and details of some of the resculpted 6mm Russian Napoleonic figures they will soon be releasing. Russians skirmishng From their website:
I am very pleased to be able to say that the first group of Napoleonic Russian resculpted figures are now available. This release covers infantry in shako, in kiwer, and sees the first of the new skirmishing poses for this range Following the pattern we established with the resculpted British, the new figures are far more detailed and robust than the originals with much stronger bayonets. For more details and to start building your armies. The next set of releases will cover the cavalry and artillery. As part of the process of overhauling the range we are taking the opportunity to add extra items where there were gaps or holes in the existing codes. So, the infantry get skirmishing figures and the artillery will now come with a range of pieces to choose from:
A & A Miniatures' February offer is a deal on their historical cavalry miniatures. From their website:
This month February 2011 we have another great offer. Each pack of cavalry figures ordered will contain 4 complete cavalry figures rather than 3.   This offer does not include camels or cavalry command packs
Mantic Games will be releasing a fantasy boardgame called Dwarf Kings Hold in March 2011. Beasts of War have more details on the game. Discuss