Date 2011-1-28

Sabol Studios FoW Battle of the Bulge table

Sabol Studios have posted photos of their completed Flames of War Battle of the Bulge gaming table. FoW Battle of the Bulge table From their announcement:
Sabol Studios, has completed another load of terrain for Dragons and Dragoons in Colorado Springs, CO. The completed projects include a Battle of the Bulge FOW table, 40K terrain and fantasy terrain. Attention store owners, why not make your store come alive. Contact us for details on how to make your tables the best they can be.

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15mm previews from ArtCrime

ArtCrime Productions have sent images of the 3D sculpts for a series of 15mm sci-fi miniatures they are working on.

From their announcement:
 This is the new Spartan Tank from ArtCrime Productions. It will be released in March, retail for $12.00 . The kit will come in 5 pieces, hull, treads, turret, barrel. Will be cast in resin, with a size of 87mm long/57mm wide/32mm tall. As our first kit to be released for our upcoming 15mm game release, it will be the launch point for all tanks from ArtCrime Productions. I hope you like it.

Our website will go live March 1st. It will be orderable at that point. As well as our dropship kit, (ptbd), our scoutbike(ptbd), and AA buggie.  For a side note, the dropship is 115mm long/88mm wide/48mm tall.

Please contact me with any questions.

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New arrivals at Angel Barracks

Angel Barracks have received stock of new 6mm terrain. Painted European Town Tile From their announcement:
Continuing with more stock from Total Battle Miniatures we now carry some of their scenic tiles, designed to work around their buildings they make superb focal points for games. Plus we have some more rules and supporting miniatures coming soon from Irregular Miniatures Limited which are aimed to be small, short fun games.

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ZombieSmith order update

ZombieSmith have posted an update on the status of orders made with them recently. From their website:
Hey all. Response to my yearly January sale has so far exceeded my expectations. Greatly. Thanks. So much so, in fact, that I didn't cast enough beforehand. I based it off last year's results and was woefully incorrect. So, I just want everyone to know that I am working on your order. I am shipping 3-4 a day during the week and quite a few more on the weekends. In two weeks I have gone through more metal than I usually go through in 3 months. I may have to take some vacation time to catch up. I will get to you as fast as I can. When the sale started I promised some new fantasy and sci-fi stuff. I have decided to hold off on releasing those until I can catch up to the avalanche of orders I have now. When I do release them, I will release them for 20% off for a month, even though the current sale will be over, by way of apology. Thanks everyone.

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Noble Armada update

The Planet Mongoose blog has a new post with more details of the upcoming release of the Noble Armada space combat game. From their website:
Today, we received a package that contained the latest and freshly painted ships for A Call to Arms: Noble Armada - always an exciting time in the office. Then, we were doubly blessed as the latest casts from the US arrived, ready for their own paint jobs. We are now just a handful of ships away from having the range completed, painted, photographed, and ready to go, so you will be seeing them on our site within a couple of weeks or so. The rulebook itself is ready, as are the new wipeable datacards we have prepared for the game, just waiting to have photos of the new ships dropped into them, and then they will be off to print. We are currently predicting that pre-orders will go out towards the end of February, while most retailers will see this game in the first couple of weeks of April (such are the vagaries of the distribution network). Pretty much on time.
Check out their website for full details.
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Scrumbrawl available for pre-order

VicTim Games is now accepting pre-orders for their Scrumbrawl fantasy card game. ScrumBrawl cards From their website:
ScrumBrawl is a board game where players control fantastic creatures vying for supremacy within the Arena, scoring goals by maneuvering various types of enchanted orbs into portals set within the Arena or fighting other creatures to the death to prevent them from reaching the portals. The 100-card deck contains fifty creatures with different characteristics that determine how the creature interacts with the orbs (throw accuracy, catching ability, and throwing range), how fast a creature can move, and how effective it is in battle. Many creatures also have unique magic abilities that can be used to manipulate gameplay.

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Starmada: Fleet Ops details posted

Starmada: Fleet Ops coverMJ12 Games have posted some details of their upcoming Starmada: Fleet Ops game. From their website: Those of you on Facebook will by now have noticed the work in progress that is the Starmada: Fleet Ops cover... which brings up the question: "What is Fleet Ops?" This is something that was always planned as part of the Admiralty release, but never got finished. Essentially, it is a faster-playing, larger-scale version of Starmada, with a minimum of record keeping. You can track an entire fleet on a single sheet of paper. Everything from Starmada (well, nearly everything -- still figuring out what to do with dual-mode weapons) is directly portable to SFO, so you can easily convert your favorite ship designs to their fleet-scale counterparts and fight larger battles than ever. (Converting from SFO "up" to Starmada is not as easy, since there are some design decisions to be made, instead of a straight translation.) In case you're wondering, each SFO hex equals two Starmada hexes; each SFO game turn equals 1.5 Starmada turns; and each SFO hull point equals 1.5 Starmada hull points.
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Dice Fest Games release Outrider

Dice Fest Games have released a print and play vehicular combat game called Outrider. Outrider From their website:
Outrider is a game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat that utilizes a unique blend of dice and card mechanics that create a fast-playing, highly detailed and customizable experience. Outrider is a print-and-play game designed to use standard-sized cards and sleeves and ordinary dice or you can take your game into the third-dimension by using the largest range of the most inexpensive miniatures around: 1/64th scale die cast cars. Teachable in ten minutes, the focus of Outirder is to keep things fast and furious. Most games are playable in a hour. Even with six players, the rounds are quick. The movement mechanics are designed to feel more like driving and less like geometry(!) Players select their vehicles from eight templates that represent a wide variety of vehicles from dune buggies and muscle cars all the way to heavy duty trucks and SUVs - each with its own unique characteristics. Players then use dice to further customize (and arm) the vehicles. The dice represent weapons, equipment and even the driver of the vehicle.

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Victrix Old Guard Colonels now available

Victrix Ltd. have added their Old Guard Colonels to their online store and also have news of some of their other upcoming releases. From their website:
We apologise for being a bit slow with news updates so far in 2011, this does not mean we have not been busy However! The Old Guard Colonels and pioneers pack has been added to the shopping cart. This 4 figure and 2 horse pack retails for £10. These are great sculpts made for us by Paul Hicks. We should have some painted versions to show very soon.

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