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2011 TGN Reader's Choice Awards Winners

Reader's Choice Awards

Hey Everyone,

Thank you for participating in the 2011 TGN Reader's Choice Awards! This was an exciting event, a new category and lots of nominations. Final voting was very close in multiple categories, and the winners are listed below. Thank you for everyone that participated and congratulations to the companies that won. This is an exciting year and I am looking forward to all the new products and models that are going to come out!


Here are the final results for the 2011 TGN Reader's Choice Awards!

Sci-fi Miniature

Winner: Corvus Belli Reverend Custodiers
Runner-up: Soda Pop Miniatures One Shot

Fantasy Miniature

Winner: Kingdom Death Flower Knight
Runner-up:Raging Heroes Manticore

Alternative Adventure Miniature

Winner:Guild of Harmony Steampunk Tinkerbelle
Runner-up: Studio McVey Ruby

Historical Miniature

Winner:Perry Miniatures British Hussars
Runner-up:Tercio Creativo Mochilero


Winner:Antenocitis Workshop Nova-Rus "Bear" 4x4 Jeep
Runner-up:Khurasan Miniatures Mekanoid Dictator


Winner:TableTop World Merchants House
Runner-up:Micro Art Studio District 5 Apartment


Winner:Gruntz Gruntz 15mm
Runner-up:Soda Pop Miniatures Super Dungeon Explore

Voting and Nominations

Check out the polls from the final round of voting:

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Final Terrain/Accessories Voting

Here are the polls from the first round of voting:

Sci-Fi Miniature Voting

Fantasy Miniature Voting

Alternative Adventure Miniature Voting

Historical Miniature Voting

Vehicle Voting

Rules/Expansions Voting

Terrain Accessories Voting

This year readers were asked to pick their their favourite figure or product from the nominated products as determined in the nomination process. You can cast your votes from Monday January 16th to Friday January 20th.

Please note: in order to limit "ballot stuffing" you need to be a registered member of TGN. Registration is free and allows you to vote and also post comments on the site. You won't be spammed and we don't sell or share our member list.

2011 TGN Reader's Choice Awards First Round of Voting

Check out the threads that lead up to the nominations in the links below:

2011 TGN Reader's Choice Awards Nomination Threads

Sci-Fi Miniature

Fantasy Miniature

Alternative Adventure Miniature

Historical Miniature

Terrain and Accessory

Rules or Expansion