2011 TGN Reader’s Choice Awards

Reader's Choice Awards

Hey Everyone!

It is now time for the 2011 Tabletop Gaming News Reader’s Choice Awards! We are soliciting nominations from the TGN readers for the best models, terrain, rules and expansions that are released from December 1st, 2010 to December 31st 2011. To nominate a figure please post the name, manufacturer and, if possible, a link to the miniature on the manufacturers website.

Nominations are open from Friday January 6th 2011 to Friday January 13th at 8pm PST. After that we will take the nominees and put them into the first round of voting. Voting will run from Monday January 16th to Friday January 20th. The top five nominees will then be put into a run-off vote to determine the winner.

Please note: in order to limit “ballot stuffing” you need to be a registered member of TGN. Registration is free and allows you to vote and also post comments on the site and forum.

2011 TGN Reader’s Choice Award Rules and Nomination Categories

We have added a new category and you can place your vote in the following categories:

Sci-Fi Miniature

Fantasy Miniature

Alternative Adventure Miniature

Historical Miniature

Terrain and Accessory

Rules or Expansion