Year 2010

Mega Minis release Field Guide to the Demobot

Field Guide to the DemobotMega Minis have released a free PDF based Field Guide to the Demobot for their recently acquired Star Mogul range. From their announcement: Mega Miniatures releases the 11 page Field Guide to the Demobot. This science fiction FREE pdf is available at and contains the following: • Assembly directions for this 17 part miniatures kit • Salvage Crew Demobot stats and history • Optional Nova Bombard and Tachyon Rifle stats and history Plus I would like to thank the following people for their contribution of stats for the following game systems. Scott Pyle of Supersystem (aka Superfigs) Jack Herman of Villains & Vigilantes Michael Taylor for Bash: Ultimate Edition If any other game company would be interested in contributing stats based on this 60mm miniature, please contact Johnny at Updated versions of the Field Guide will be made available periodically.
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15mm product review vidcast

The Gruntz website has a new vidcast looking at some recently released 15mm sci-fi figures. From their website:
In this news update I feature myself on camera, which is both disturbing and bloody difficult to film naturally. 20 takes later and I was able to say "Kaamados Dominion - Dragamaa Heavy". It is another un-boxing overview video with a mix of Critical Mass Games models and Khurasan. The featured new item is the Chewk Drill Tank which I have filmed in its unpainted state. Along with a couple of the little Chewks, which are nice tiny aliens. I also picture the Kier and King bases which are perfect for small artillery or vehicle bases, if you want a urban or rural look.

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Unseen Lerker issue 6 released

Issue 6 of Unseen Lerker magazine is now available. From their website:
Well, it’s that time again. The premier independent fantasy gaming magazine continues its run of ambling shenanigans and outrageous fashion advice (seal fur is soooo in this season) with its October—November edition.  Still at 56 pages of full-colour, eye-melting goodness, the latest issue contains:  Wayne’s World: a brand new series of hobby articles written by Wayne Kemp of Heelanhammer podcasting fame. This issue he provides his unique take on building a Rat Ogre Bonebreaker from an all manner of bits and pieces, using a plastic River Troll as a basis. A Legend Never Dies: it may sound like the title for a James Bond film, but it’s actually a coverage of the recently held Giant Fanatic tournament, wonderfully written by our Danish agent in the field, Jimmi Stender. GF is one of the premier events in Europe and Jimmi gives us all the hot gossip on what went down, who did what, and what colour the carpet was (just kidding – there was no carpet). Also included is an interview with one of the organisers, a familiar face, about the merits of a newly conceived Line of Sight system that was used.

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Heavy Gear Arena shipping delay

Dream Pod 9 have announced a delay in shipping Heavy Gear Arena. From their website:
Due to issues with our printer in the USA that have been resolved, we are unable to ship the full color Arena Core Rule book on schedule as announced.  Any orders that we have received with the full color Arena Core Rule book will ship on the 10th of December 2010 along with the second wave of Arena releases. We apologize for any inconveniences that this delay may have caused.   On the other hand, the same book is available now in e-book format from . This package includes the full color e-book as well as a black and white small format e-book version.

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Splintered Light Woodland miniature preview

Splintered Light Miniatures have posted a new preview of upcoming 15mm figures from their Woodlands range. Wood Elf Archers From their website:
And tonight we have the woodland stuff, including the first two wood elf packs and the new treeman.  I am also posting a comparison picture of the treeman with a wood elf and halfling.  These woodland figures were sculpted by Faron Betchley and I am really excited to see how the other wood elves end up.  It should be a really fun range and Faron has lots of great ideas for allies and additional units.
  • Wood Elf Swords
  • Wood Elf Archers
  • Treeman
  • Treeman Comparison Picture

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GZG Christmas Special Offers 2010

Ground Zero Games have posted details of their 2010 Xmas Special Offers. From their website:
Yes, it's that time of year again. We've given you all a little prior warning this year about the start of our Christmas Special Offer, and now it's here. Our 2010 Xmas Special starts from 00.01 (UK time) hours on Wednesday 1St December and runs for a fraction over two weeks, ending strictly at 24.00 (UK time) on Wednesday 15th December. Please note this is a shorter offer period than previous years, because we want to get all pre-Christmas orders dispatched well before we close up for the holidays. All qualifying orders (which are all those for over £30 of product) will get two specials included:

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Scibor Christmas Promotion

Scibor's Monstrous Miniatures is giving away a special Christmas miniature with select orders. Christmas Pilot From their website:
Christmas, so we have another promotion for all our clients. To every order for minimum $40 (without shipping cost) placed and paid until the end of this year we will add our promotion model of Christmas Dwarf  Pilot. For every order for minimum $70 (without shipping cost) we will add 2 miniatures: Christmas Snowman Slayer and Christmas Dwarf  Pilot. You may also buy these models in 28mm Fantasy Miniatures section.

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Dead Walk Again rules revised

The Dead Walk Again horror rules have been updated and revised. From their announcement:
We are glad to post the most recent version of Dead walk Again rules. Thanks to Patrick Weaver’s work (our new zombie slave) the translated rules now have lots of typos corrected and grammar bugs have been hunted and removed (maybe a future game...). Some rules have been rewritten to help clarify game play and a few new things added as well. All in all, we can now offer a rules system that reads much more smoothly in English. (not like the Viking-Froggy-Babblefish translated one from before) We hope you will enjoy this new version and you can now download it on our Yahoo group. Our L4D supplement is currently being corrected and the new version will be uploaded soon. Plus, keep a look out for new DwA material to be posted soon. We'll get the news out as soon as we can! The DwA team

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Shuuro - Chess with a Twist

Beasts of War talk with Alessio Cavatore about his chess based game Shuuro. Shuuro From their announcement:
Warren and Alessio Cavatore sit down for a chat about his new game, Shuuro and to tell the truth it’s a great game taking the form of the classic chess set and then going one step farther in to the realms of wargaming but in general it’s just something fun that you and your friends can sit down to and have fun with when 40k and all the other war games are just getting boring.

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New Army Painter galleries

The Army Painter have added two new galleries showing their upcoming Angel Green primer. Angel Green primer From their announcement:
With the forthcoming release of the new Colour Primer Spray: Angel Green in January 2011, The Army Painter has added 2 new galleries to their website. These how-to-paint galleries is the first in a small series of galleries featuring Dark Angel Space Marines. Jonas has painted a small Dark Angel Battleforce with marines, veterans, dreadnought and commander. More Dark Angel galleries will be added to the website during December.

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