Year 2010

Raging Heroes Manticore preview

Raging Heroes are have posted a preview of their Manticore miniature. Manticore WIP From their announcement:
An evil creature is currently being conceived in our laboratories. So far, we're pretty happy with the result but as it's a fairly expensive piece to produce, we want to be sure that it is something you want. The Manticore would be provided with the Dark Elf wingless version of Heroic Lord of Shadows Kahn-Urkan. Its price would be 39.90 Euros. What do you think? Do you like her look? Do you see easily take place in your army? Tell us all…

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KR Multicase release Wings of War Custom Trays

KR Multicase have released their Wings of War Custom Trays. Wings of War Custom Tray From their announcement:
We are pleased to announce that our full Wings of War tray range is now available. You can select from trays for the game basics, 4 single seaters or 2 single plus 2 two seaters. With these new purpose designed trays you can keep your Wings of War collections safe and damage free. A standard KR Multicase holding the game basics plus 24 planes is £28.99 (including UK postage), and €39,99 including European postage. Cases to hold from 4 planes, 8 planes, 16 planes and more, are all available on the website: For the UK and for the EU. One tray holds all game basics i.e. Compartments for cockpit game board, balloon cards, smoke markers, compartment for distance markers, 4 token compartments, 6 deck compartments, and an altitude peg compartment. Choose from 2 other trays for the single and two seater planes. All four series of WW1 and both series of WW2 are catered for. Key features for the perfect custom cut Wings of War trays from KR are:
  • All the game basics fit easily in the purpose made tray.
  • You can keep each plane and it’s deck next to each other.
  • Deck compartments have a handy finger recess to help get the cards out.
  • Tailplane pads are provided for full support.
  • Altitude pegs fit within the central compartment.
  • The smaller two seater planes can also fit in the single seater cutout!
  • Don’t forget, KR foam is soft and will keep your ‘planes safe, you can easily stack the trays and know that they will be safe from any damage.
Remember that you can keep up to date with KR products and news easily on Facebook. Become a fan of the KR Multicase page.

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Back 2 Base-ix announce modular gaming table kit

Back 2 Base-ix have sent details of the upcoming Battle Frame 5000 modular gaming table kit. Battle Frame 5000 From their announcement:
Introducing a new way to create your modular scenery gaming tables. No need to go hunting for perfect cut squares of polystyrene or timber. We've eliminated the framework headaches for you with this easily assembled kit. And not only that, the magnets keep it all in place
  • 300mm/1' square modular tiles, 33mm high.
  • Precision Laser Cut 3mm MDF
  • Rare Earth Magnet technology lets each tile 'click' into place against the next. Also easily removed to change your scenery from game to game
  • Easily assembled, just glue and go.
  • Durable, hard wearing, can handle the knocks of any gaming session.
  • Start building your modular scenery straight on top.
We've only just scratched the surface here with Battle Frame 5000. Hot on the heels of these initial releases will see varying depths and sizes of tile, to make your table so diverse, no two games need be the same. Coming in a 16 tile pack, enough to cover a 4' x 4' table, including over 200 pieces, get your framework done and dusted, leaving you more time to spend on building your scenery. Also available in a 24 tile pack, over 300 pieces, this kit is huge. Cover a 6' x 4' table with a modular framework that deals with the difficult part of creating modular tiles that are durable and accurate.

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Veni Vidi Vici hit by virus

Veni Vidi Vici's main computer has been hit by a virus. From their announcement:
On Wednesday night the main VVV computer was infected with the Win32.ramnit virus (which comes in 3 flavours).It has rampaged through the system heavily damaging its ability to perform. First the system needs to be cleaned and if possible repaired. Hopefully the PC will be back in action early next week.

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Black Hat release new Morituri Te Salutant cards

Black Hat Miniatures have released new Morituri Te Salutant order and wound cards. From their announcement:
We have new full colour Order and Wound cards designed by Frank Sultana of the Adventures in Lead blog for all the Gladiator Types in our rules Morituri Te Salutant. These are available as a free download from the Black Hat downloads page. Many thanks Mike

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Foundry Christmas Open Days

Wargames Foundry will be having two Open Days prior to Christmas. From their announcement:
Christmas Open Days 26th/27th November 2010 If you are thinking of coming we would be grateful if you could email us at Foundry to register, so we can establish how many visitors there will be each day. To thank you for registering we will send you an extremely generous offer. Event opening times 10.00am - 4.00pm. Please note you can only get this offer by registering in advance.

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Heavy Gear Halloween Sale

Dream Pod 9 is having their annual Heavy Fear Halloween Sale. From their website:
Welcome to Dream Pod 9's Annual Heavy Fear Halloween Sale this weekend only from Friday October 29th to Monday Morning November 1st.  Scare us with your order and for every $50 of products purchased (including books, miniatures, model kits, package deals, etc.) on the DP9 Online Store, we will Treat you with a free $10 or less gift product of your choice in with the order, if you purchase for $100 you can select a $20 or less Treat instead of two $10 Treats, $150 gets a $30 Treat and so on, for even more Scary orders. Just note the product name(s) and product number(s) that you want in the comments section of the cashout page. Do not order the Treat(s) as if they are lines in the order or they will be charged with the order automatically, just type your requested free Treat(s) in the comments section of the cash out page and they will be added when we pack the order.

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New greens available rom Blood Moon Miniatures

GargoyleBlood Moon Miniatures have three new greens available for sale. From their announcement: Hey everyone, long time no post! I have recently made a few new greens and have posted them up for sale on our website. We accept paypal just check out the greens page for information and pictures. As always once you buy the green it is yours to do with it whatever you please. Cast it or store it in your collection. Purchasing information for the gargoyle, Vampire, and Harem girl can be found here. Thanks for viewing Nicolas Genovese Asgard Greens Blood Moon Miniatures
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Rackham Entertainment liquidation confirmed

Gregoire Boisbelaud from Rackham Entertainment has confirmed that the company is in liquidation. From their announcement:
Rackham-E as a company is gone into a liquidation procedure starting yesterday afternoon. I announce it to you officially first, but a blog will be posted soon too. I just wanted to let you know first hand, as you deserved it. I wish to thank all of you for your continuous support, your interest in our games and your devotion to the communities at large. It was a pleasure to work with you and for you, even so briefly. I know I'll meet some of you on other forums, other websites and other conventions and shows. If the company dies, the games still have a chance to endure. Discussions are going their way with several partners, old ones and news ones alike, in order to save the licences and games attached to these.

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Finger and Toe releases Spaceship Down!

Finger and Toe have released a new sci-fi paper terrain kit, Spaceship Down! Spaceship Down! From their announcement:
Finger and Toe Models announces the release of a modular crashed space ship: Spaceship Down! This new 28mm PDF card stock set can be used as an objective or simply as terrain in your skirmish (or tactical) battles or roleplaying adventures. You can use any one or any combination or all for the modules to create a wreck that stretches almost across the table. Heroic rescues, scavenging forays, money-grubbing salvages, desperate raids to recover critical equipment or data, or just junk that gets in your way while attacking a spaceport: all await your clever tactical analysis. For your convenience, each module (bridge, cargo, passenger, engineering, and the engines) is printed on a separate page or sequential set of pages. No module parts are mixed, so you only need print the modules you want for the game you’ll be playing. Each module is designed to fit within a four inch by four inch footprint. For a slide show go to and navigate to 28mm sci-fi structures. Remember, every Finger and Toe model comes with smoosh assurance: if ya’ll smoosh your Spaceship Down!, a new set waits your summons from hard drive and printer. Spaceship Down! is available from or for $5.00.

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Dave's Games Halloween sale and new release

Dave's Games is having a sale on their range of paper terrain kits and also has a new release. Covered Bridge From their announcement:
Through November 1st, look for 50% off many of my paper models. You'll find this hot deal on Fantasy/Medieval buildings, Ruins, and Science Fiction buildings. My paper models are designed to look great and be easy to assemble. All you need is some cardstock to print on, a hobby knife and ordinary paper glue. Most of my models can be printed at nearly any gaming scale, from tiny 6mm up to 28mm/30mm. Be sure to look for my "multi-layered" models. They include loads of graphics options so you can customize the look of your models before you print. By mixing together different wall and roof textures and other details, you can print a single model over and over and get a unique look every time. New Releases I've just published the Covered Bridge for $4.95. It's a versatile and fun bridge-making kit with lots of configuration and skin options. Even the bridge cover is optional. And be sure to grab a copy of the free Coach House model. It features the multiple layers that you'll find on many of my other designs. If you're curious about my models but don't know where to start, look no further.

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Pulp Figures Professor Jones variant offer

Pulp Figures are offering a free variant Professor Jones figure while supplies last. Professor Jones variant From their announcement:
Professor Jones from PHP-6 was once modified and not released. This fig will never see general production. I'll include him free in the next several orders of 2 or more packs until I run out of the few masters that I have. There are about 10 castings. I've posted his picture in the Pulp Figures 'What's New' gallery, at the bottom. The figure in the picture was painted by the generous and talented Patrick Con

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Wargames Illustrated website updated

The Wargames Illustrated website has been updated with several new articles. Peninsular Campaigns Inspired by this month’s Great Warriors article on the Portuguese Caçadores, we decided to dig out Tim Price’s article on running a campaign on the Iberian Peninsular during the Napoleonic Wars (from WI82). Three Norman Battles As a companion to Paul Leach’s article in WI277 on the Normans in Ireland, we present this collated “archive” article by Stephen Simpson that covers the Battles of Lincoln (1141), Oxford (1142), and Wilton (1143). These combined articles are from WI29-31. By the Waters of Merom With a conflict between Joshua (yes, he of The Bible fame) and the Canaanite Kings as it’s backdrop, Vincent Black presents a wargames scenario which will see your chariot models in action on the tabletop.
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New MiniSculpt release: Stalker

Black Orc Games have added a new figure to their MiniSculpt discount figure range, Stalker. Stalker From their announcement:
Black Orc Games announces the next fig in the MiniSculpt line for the Hundred Kingdoms Dominion Army. The Stalker sculpted by Jeremy Wright is now available for purchase for $1.00 each. We will have more Dominion releases in the coming weeks. The beta stats have been updated with the Stalker stats. Please keep in mind the stats may change based on the results of play testing. Make sure to check out all the fantastic figs in the MiniSculpt line

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New Flames of War articles

Battlefront has updated the Flames of War website with several new articles. Polish Special Rules on the Table Top Bede Bailey examines the Polish special rules in Blitzkrieg and how to use them on the table top. On Patrol with The Devil's Brigade The joint Canadian-American First Special Service Force better known as the Devil’s Brigade occupied their beachfront property across from the Pioniers of the Hermann Göring Fallschrimjägerdivision for 98 consecutive days. Quite a remarkable feat for a light force nearly half the size of a normal infantry division. New Zealand Late War Grand Tournament 2010 Results On the weekend of the 23-24 October 2010, Battlefront hosted the New Zealand Flames Of War Late War Grand Tournament. Featuring a total of 58 players, a fun time was had by all as each player battled it out over five action packed rounds. Tom's US 101st Airborne Division This week Tom show us his collection that makes up his US 101st Airborne Division.
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On the Lamb offering sales

On the Lamb Games are having two sales. From their announcement:
Today is the boss's birthday, so we're running two sales this week to celebrate. One just for Retailers, and the other for Regular Customers. For our regular customers ordering direct, orders placed on Thursday and Friday will be 30% off. Just add the items to your cart, and the discount should apply. Get Shopping. For our retailers, including any new ones that sign up with us this week, orders placed Wednesday through Sunday will be 60% off SRP rather then the usual discount. Just e-mail or call us to place an order.

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