Year 2010

Dave Taylor selling Legio Custodes Army

Dave Taylor is helping to raise funds for two friends by selling his Warhammer 40K Legio Custodes Army on eBay.


From his announcement:
One friend was body surfing and was dumped by a wave. He hit the bottom and broke his neck. Not only was he fortunate enough to not drown, but he was also not permanently paralyzed. He did, however, have to take a chopper ride to shock trauma where he underwent three emergency surgeries to save his life and future mobility. He is currently undergoing the early stages of his long rehabilitation process (and painting some Wood Elves as a dexterity building exercise). The real tragedy here is that he was "in-between" employer-supported insurance programs, and has some pretty big bills to pay.

My other friend was fortunate enough to be with his wife when she gave birth to their first child. Less than a week later, his wife passed away from a pregnancy-related complication that really could never have been spotted. It took the coroner two weeks to determine the cause. That's how obscure and hidden it was. My friend is now back at work and raising his son. As any of us with spouses and kids know, that is really tough - emotionally, physically, and financially.

I've had a lot of offers for this army over the years. Some of them I was sorely tempted by. But not until these recent occurrences has there been a real opportunity to do some good with it.

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Double Width roads from S6 Engineering

S6 Engineering now have Double Width road tiles available for sale. Double Width roads From their announcement:
This week's release from S6 Engineering is an adaptor for the 28/30mm road system to allow the creation of double-width roads. Now you can create a grand boulevard big enough for super-heavy tanks through the center of your city. There is also a new starter pack incorporating this feature.

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Battlefront giving away copies of Stalin's Europe

Battlefront is giving away a copy of their upcoming Flames of War Stalin's Europe book. From their announcement:
To celebrate the upcoming release of Stalin’s Europe in November we’d like to announce the details of a new competition to win a copy of Stalin’s Europe. To qualify all you need to do is to report any broken link you find while browsing the Flames Of War website. Simply report the broken link to, make sure you include your name and e-mail address. You can enter as many times as you like. The draw will be made in November.

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New Flames of War articles

The Flames of War website has been updated with new content Assembling the Polish Tank Company Mark demonstrates how to assemble the Polish Tank Company for Early-war. Gary Martin's Early War Light Panzer Company This week we take a break from the Staff Early War armies to take a look at Gary Martin’s (a.k.a. Big-Gazza) outstanding Early War German Light Panzer Company. Grenadier Guards During Operation Market Goes Official Hello fellow Guards fans! I want to thank everyone who left feedback for the Grenadier Guards briefing and I’m sorry for taking as long as I did to update it. I’ve put together some notes below on the changes made to the Under Review edition of the Grenadier Guards PDF briefing. Hopefully these address most of the questions raised, and I apologize if I’ve left any out. Thanks again for your support! Tom Wise's Every Allied Tanker's Claim This week we find some evidence to support every Allied Tanker's claim, that every German tank was indeed a Tiger! Early War Battle Report: Czech Panzerkompanie vs. Escadron de Combat With the German army successful in its conquest of Poland, it now turns it's attention to France and some unfinished business from the First World War. With the bulk of the Allied forces distracted by the attacks in the Low Countries, the majority of the German armour slices thorough the heavily forested region of the Ardennes. What opposition faced the Germans barely slowed them down but can Blake’s Escadron de Combat change history and slow Mark’s Czech Panzerkompanie in Encounter?
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Mantic Journal issue 2 now available

Mantic Journal issue 2Mantic Games have released the second issue of Mantic Journal magazine. From their announcement: Issue 2 of the Mantic Journal is now available from shops and online stores near you. The Journal was put together once again by a fabulous team headed by Guy Haley and after much banter, some biscuit breaks (there were an awful lots of crumbs on Mr Renton’s desk – Ed) and even more banter, here’s what Guy had to say in his Editorial: "In The Mantic Journal: Garrek’s Doom, we’re lifting up some big old stones to peer down into the realms of the Dwarfs. In the lands to the east, King Golloch the Great, the mightiest leader the Dwarfs have ever known, pushes the boundaries of his empire ever outward, the war machine of the Under-kingdom sweeping aside all opposition with terrifying new weaponry. Golloch says he wishes for his lands to be secure, nothing more, but all in the lands of the free know that a Dwarf’s greed is unmatched… Elsewhere in MJ02, you’ll find painting advice, tips on assembling our fantastic Dwarf Ironclads, exciting news and more! With Dwarfs crowding the tabletop here at Mantic HQ, and further fantastic Mantic models on their way, now is the perfect time for war! To arms!"
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Missions Vol I for Urban War is available as free download

Urban Mammoth have posted their Urban War Missions Vol 1 supplement as a free download. From their announcement:
I am very pleased to announce that Missions Vol 1 for Urban War is now available for free download. The book includes 25 new scenarios for Urban War- Strike Team Actions with a broad variety of missions to fight your way through with new rules, deployment maps and counter sheets.

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Last day for the Warmonger Gameday Hordes giveaway

Today is the last day to enter in Warmonger Gamesday's Hordes giveaway. From their announcement:
Today is the last chance to get in on the signed Hordes Mk II rule book give-a-way. If you were not aware of the give-a-way there is two ways to enter. You can either a. click the "follow" button to follow the Warmonger Game Day blog or click the Facebook link on our home page and send us a friend request. You have up to two entries into the give-a-way and tomorrow we will select one lucky person by adding them all to a spread sheet and choosing a number at random using So get to clicking and good luck.

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Be Not Afraid missing catapult token

Days of Wonder are reporting that there is a token missing form their upcoming Be Not Afraid expansion for Small World. From their website:
The bad news… Because of a production error the Catapult token was accidentally left out when the Be Not Afraid… expansion for Small World was manufactured. The good news… We caught the error and are rushing the missing tokens from our manufacturer so they will be available from all the game stores worldwide when Be Not Afraid… goes on sale. Even better news… Because the missing Catapult had to be printed separately, we took this opportunity to add 5 Leaders tokens for the new races in Be Not Afraid… Due to lack of space on the original Be Not Afraid punchboards, these tokens were not originally planned to be included. But since we goofed up and had to print a new mini punch board anyway, we figured we ought to make it right for Small World fans worldwide. And you will now get this extra bonus because of our mistake.

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More "Project N" information from Mongoose

Mongoose Publishing have posted more information about their Call To Arms based space combat game code-named Project N. From their website:
Playtesting for Project N, the new A Call to Arms space fleet combat game, has kicked into a new gear as we have finally ironed out some of the persistant wrinkles (the equivalent of a Skirmish level game going on for three hours being one such problem in the original draft!). I have just seen a few of the first painted models, and they look scrummy, and I can't wait to see some full fleets floating about the office (sometimes, life is hard at a games company...). The core fleets are being balanced right now, and then we will start working on all the auxiliary ships. We have worked out the format of both the main rulebook and the fleet box sets, though not the final content (the latter are going to be very good value for money at around the $29.99/£20 mark), so it appears we are well on schedule! You can see a few spoilers on our forums in the Other Miniatures Games section, under the 'ACTA I Want' thread.
They also posted a list of changes from the previous Call To Arms rules in their forum.
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KR Multicase to attend Old Glory World show

KR Multicase will be at the Old Glory World Wargames Show. From their announcement:
Come and see us at Old Glory World Wargames Show on the 2nd/3rd October with our full range of KR Multicases, trays and accessories. You can find us at stand 30 on the ground floor. As usual we will have our tempting range of show deals available at our stand. Pre-orders are welcome by email at Remember that you can keep up to date with KR products and news easily on Facebook. Become a fan of the KR Multicase page.

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