Year 2010

Pendraken's September releases

Pendraken Miniatures have posted details of their September 10mm miniature releases. AWI and scenics From their announcement:
Here's the September offerings for your 10mm gaming pleasure. This month sees some exciting additions to the ranges, including the most in-demand items, the AWI Mounted command. Form an orderly queue please... We've also got the last big batch for the WWII Marines, and a couple of extra bits for the Japanese. Once we release the Japanese armour next month, that'll be it for these ranges for the time being. Add to that additions to the SYW, SCW, Indo China and the Fantasy, along with some more additions to our expanding Basing and Scenery section, and there's enough to keep everyone busy for the next month. AWI American
  • AWA19 Mounted Officers (6) £2.00
AWI British
  • AWB37 Mounted Officers (6) £2.00
SYW Austrian
  • SYA34 7lb Howitzer, limber, horses and crew (1) £3.25

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MyBattleReport Banner Creator has added a new Banner Creator feature to their website. From their announcement:
Tabletop fans. Now is your time. Become some of the first members of and keep track of your armies with the Open Beta version of the MBR Banner Creator. With the MBR Banner Creator, you can create a banner for your signatures on your favorite forums and show off your armies. A feature soon to come is the Army List Keeper, which will help you keep your lists organized and linked to your banner so others can see which way you use your armies. You can now create banners for Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warmachine and Hordes. We will have more possibilities soon, with improved graphics to come. When you are a part of the MBR Community, you are a part of a growing family of ALL tabletop gamers. Interested in another game? Head to the appropriate forum and start learning before you jump in. If you don't see a forum for it, e-mail any of the admins and we will put it up as soon as possible. This community runs on you. Come join us at one of the quickest growing online tabletop gaming communities out there. Remember, this is for ALL tabletop miniatures games.

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Battlefoam post clarification and explanations

Romeo Filip at Battlefoam has sent along two documents clarifying the letter earlier sent to Sabol Designs and

The first is the text of the the letter sent by their legal team following a response from Sabol.

Update: Don from has posted a comment about the situation.

Dear Mr. Sabol and Ms. Haines:
Thank you for your telephone call yesterday in response to my letter regarding the pending Battle Foam patent application. We appreciate your assurance you do not make or sell laser cut foam products. The Battle Foam patent does not apply to plucked foam products cut by knife.

Thank you for your prompt response. My client attended the GenCon in Indianapolis and was approached by several people with Sabol bags containing laser cut foam trays not produced by my client. We are pleased to learn you were not involved in the conduct leading to this customer confusion.

To be clear, we have no objection to the plucked foam products displayed on your website and we make no claim that the Battle Foam patent application applies to foam products that are not cut by lasers.
Yours truly,

Ray K. Harris

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Finger and Toe releases Tzak-Nal: The Temple

Finger and Toe have released their Meso American temple terrain kit, Tzak-Nal: The Temple Tzak-Nal: The Temple From their announcement:
“I am Ix-Chel! Look on my temple, ye mighty, and despair!” Finger and Toe Models announces Tzak-Nal: The Temple, everything you need to build a small 28mm Meso-American temple complex. Inspired by the temple of Tulum, Tzak-Nal: The Temple, represents the main temple of a small Meso-American city, but this is a city and temple in decline. Plaster is peeling, moss grows along the walls, the bright colors of the sacred friezes have faded. The temple atop the temple platform can be built as a shell over ruins to account for battle damage or age and decay. There are two types of altars: a huge square block carved with gods and warriors and stained with blood, or a smaller, decorated altar.

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New Mantic Games Army Deals

Mantic Games have added several new Army Deals to their online store. From their announcement:
As we are fast approaching the release of our fantastic new Zombie miniatures what better way to celebrate than by not only releasing the Zombie Regiment and Zombie Horde boxed-set, but creating a brand new Army Deal (or three). Malak’s Endless Hordes is a great way to start your own undead army, or to expand your current force. Within this set you get: 40 Skeletons, 40 Revenants, 40 Ghouls, 60 Zombies, 2 Balefire Catapults. That is an incredible 190 figures. This means you get a free Undead Death King’s Cabal, and a bit more discount on top. Add a bag and free shipping – and it’s party time. If undead are not for you, don’t worry, we have also decided to release a new Dwarf and Elven Army Deal. When we say Big Games with big armies we mean it. Baldr’s Armoured Battalion contains: 100 Ironclad Dwarven warriors, 40 Ironwatch, 2 Warmachines, 10 Berserkers and a FREE Dwarf King’s War Council, and then some. With 160 figures, and this weekend free shipping and a free bag – it’s hammer time. Lord Eldrin’s Personal Guard contains: 40 Spearmen, 40 Bowmen, 20 Scouts, 20 Sea Guard, 10 Palace Guard, 5 Stormwind Cavalry, 2 Warmachines and a free Elves King’s Court. Again this set contains an amazing 145 figures, including a cavalry unit with full command. All 3 of these sets offer you fantastic value for money, you can get hold of any one of these deals for only £99/€124.95/$179.99. This is a truly fantastic way to get a new army:
  • to play 8th edition with,
  • to add to your existing force, or
  • so you can build a rock hard army
  • just in time for the Kings of War Game.
The Undead and Dwarf armies are a limited pre-release deals so make sure you order soon. The Elven Army will ship immediately.

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Rebel Minis new sci-fi releases and updates

Rebel Minis have sent along details of their latest releases. Titan Marines Mortar Team From their announcement:
August has been a busy month for us here at Rebel. We have added a bunch of new packs to the site for Sci-Fi and Pulp. So here we go: 15mm Sci-Fi Titan Marines Mortar Team- The Titan Mortar Team pack comes with two(2) 15mm Miniature teams. Each team consists of 2 Loaders and 1 mortar. Sculpted by Martin Baker. Mortar Designed by John Bear Ross! $3.49- Painted by Jeff Racel Sons of Thunder Infantry- The Sons of Thunder pack contains 24 15mm scale Sons of Thunder Infantry. Each figure is about 10mm to the eye and you get 6 unique sculpts. Sculpted by Adam Gayford. $10.95

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Kalidasia Media Productions launches Beyond Kalidasia

Kalidasia Media Productions have started a vidcast devoted to the Kalidasia sci-fi setting and games. From their announcement:
Beyond Kalidasia is the official Internet television show of Legends of Kalidasia. Produced and hosted by the game’s creator, Jason Rutherford, Beyond Kalidasia will cover a single topic on each short episode. The first episode presents an overview of Legends of Kalidasia and then dives into the first product: Rise of the Surakari. The show is available through our website and it will be available through iTunes shortly.

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Mongoose OOP Sale

Mongoose Publishing is having a sale on miniatures for some of their OOP games. From their website:
Here at Mongoose we are planning oodles of new miniatures games for a 2011 release - and that means it is time to clear the warehouse of lots of boxes of older, now out of print goodies. Our loss being your gain, we are proud to present a range of older Mongoose products, all at very keen prices that are going to keep you in gaming goodness for months to come.

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New 6mm Modern Industrial Buildings from Timecast

Timecast have added new buildings to their 6mm Modern Industrial Building range.

Modern Industrial Buildings

From their website:
We have expanded our 6mm Modern European range (Range 23) to include five new modern industrial units. These are suitable for use from the 1960s right up to the present and, as usual, they are available in unpainted and painted versions. All of the units are flat on either side so they can be built up as multiple units. We also have several other industrial and commercial models in the pipeline for this range which should be available during the summer.

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Baccus update

Baccus have posted notice of their price increase as well as some new 6mm releases. From their website:?
The deed is now done. The threatened price increase is now in place and will be applied to all orders placed from now own. Well done to all of those of you canny enough to get in your orders before the deadline. I'm afraid that this has created a bit of problem as we have rather a large backlog to work through. If your order does not arrive with its usual punctuality please bear with us - we will get then sorted out and they will be charged at the old prices. As if this all wasn't enough, the Partizan show is almost upon us, and the weekend after that the Baccus travelling roadshow is on its way down to Newbury for Colours. We've had some pre-orders arrive for both shows, but there is still plenty of time to get them in for Colours, less so for Partizan. There are some imminent new releases with the resculpted Republican Romans bursting out of their moulds in their eagerness to get to you. Not quite there yet, but there will certainly be limited stocks available at Partizan - it will be first come, first served. A few new releases that have made it, albeit without piccies as yet are three codes to complete the Napoleonic Spanish. There are mounted and dismounted guerillas and some casualty markers. . There are loads more new goodies in the pipeline for the coming months, so please do keep checking in to see what 6mm goodness will be coming your way in the rest of 2010.

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Sabol receives Battlefoam legal notice

Sabol Designs have received a Cease and Desist legal notice from Battlefoam.

From their announcement:
We received this "letter" last on 8-30-2010 from Battlefoam's attorney. I wonder if it was also sent to the entire foam cutting industry, which would include the hundreds of companies listed on the Thomas Register in the foam cutting industry that has existed for more years than Romeo has been alive. Since we do not laser cut foam at all, I find this stunning. I understand patent applications very well as discussed by others many times on this board. I understand also, what is patentable and what is not. How do I know this?

Take a look at over 100 patents that have been in my family for over 50 years. Google " Jack J. Gilbert", my father. He invented and patented some of the world's most innovative products that include, Mr. Coffee, the Electric Knife, Slicing Machines, Hand Held Steam Cleaner, The Switch to turn on and off traffic lights, Blood Serum Analyzer, Microfiche Reader, Mail Sorting Equipment and the list goes on an on. I take personal offense for such a ludicrous letter that was sent to my company.

Denise Haynes
Sabol Designs, Inc.

Update: Living Dice now has a copy of the Battlefoam patent application available for viewing.
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Retribution Discordia Warjack preview

Privateer Press have posted a photo of a painted version of the Retribution Discordia character Warjack. From their website:
Discordia, the favored myrmidon of Adeptis Rahn, is arguably the pinnacle of Iosan warjack technology. Capable of projecting a wall of force energy around friendly forces or focusing that energy into a concentrated wave to shatter all opposition in its path, Discordia is a singular symbol of House Shyeel’s—if not the Retribution’s—might. *Players will need a Retribution of Scyrah Heavy Plastic Warjack kit (PIP 35007) in addition to the upgrade kit in order to build Discordia.

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Descent: Sea of Blood Ocean Map Board now on sale

Fantasy Flight Games are now selling a mounted mapboard for their Descent: Sea of Blood expansion. From their website:
Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce an exciting new product now available for the Descent: Sea of Blood expansion. For players looking to enhance their voyages in the waters of Torue Albes, your ship has come in. Now you can master the waves in style with the Sea of Blood Ocean Map Board. With a beautifully rendered island on one side and open ocean on the other, this double-sided, folding tactical map board replaces the Ocean Poster Map from the Descent: Sea of Blood expansion. Its sturdy cardboard lays perfectly flat when you’re playing and stores away easily when you’re done. Head to your friendly local retailer and pick up your copy today, or head to our webstore.

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DungeonQuest now available

Fantasy Flight Games are reporting that copies of the updated version of the DungeonQuest boardgame are now available for sale from the FFG online store or from your FLGS. From their website:
DungeonQuest, the latest board game set in the rich fantasy world of Terrinoth, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore. This classic game of dungeon exploration has a vast and loyal following due to its compelling theme, vast replayability, and brutal challenges. With the spirit of its predecessor in mind, the new edition of DungeonQuest preserves all of this while incorporating the best elements of the classic game’s expansions and streamlining its rules.

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Secret Weapon Pith Helmets available for pre-order

Secret Weapon Miniatures are now accepting pre-orders for their 28mm Pith Helmet head swap pack From their website:
A set of five pith helmet head swaps cast in soft metal for use with 25-30mm "heroic scale" miniatures. Includes:
  • 1 bearded face
  • 1 mustached face
  • 1 scowling face
  • 2 yelling faces
Anticipated ship date: 27-September
. Update: Pre-orders are available at 10% off the regular price.
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New Starline 2400 miniatures released

Amarillo Design Bureau have released new Starline 2400 figures for their Federation Commander and Starfleet Battles games. From their website:
These are being shipped today (August 30) to distributors. While individuals may go ahead and place orders for these via our storefront, the orders will not be shipped until September 7. Border Box #10 Two dozen more ships for the ISC, Andromedan, and Vudar. The ISC get two heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, two destroyers, and two frigates. The Vudar get two heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, two destroyers, and two war frigates. The Andromeans get an Intruder, a Conquistador, three Pythons, and three Cobras. Ships are pewter and include stands for gaming or display. Federation Light Tactical Transport The fast fleet transport version of the new light cruiser, this ship has internal cargo capacity and the ability to carry a pod (which is included with the miniature). Federation Old Heavy Cruiser The big brother of the Old Light Cruiser, this design was intended to be the mainstay of Star Fleet, but was supplanted by the better-known Constitution class. This is a one-piece casting. Tholian TK5 Desperate for more heavy ships, the Tholians used the abandoned rear hull of a Federation F5 frigate and the front portion of a patrol corvette to produce this bizarre ship. The EXILE was one of the most powerful ships in the Holdfast Defense Force for many decades.

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Mongoose discuss upcoming wargames

Mongoose Publishing have posted a blog post discussing two of the tabletop wargames they are planning on releasing in the near-term. From their website:
Saturday was devoted to Project N. This is something that has cropped up quite recently, a brand new setting for A Call to Arms. Fortunately, we have had a revised set of rules (the legendary CTA3) waiting in the wings for quite some time now, so instead of a complete re-write, it was a case of quickly altering the intro passages of each chapter to the new setting (we deliberately write our core rules in this way, so they can be changed quickly and easily - have a look at the text in CTA: B5 II, and you'll see what I mean), and then it was on to the crunch of the game; traits, special actions and the fleet lists.

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KR Multicase at the Border Reiver Show

KR Multicase will be attending the Border Reiver Show. From their announcement:
You can find the full range of KR Multicases, trays and accessories at the Border Reiver wargames show on Saturday, 4th September 2010, at the Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle. They will be stocked by Central Wargaming and Gateshead Gaming. Pre-orders are welcome by email to either of the retailers. Remember that you can keep up to date with KR products and news easily on Facebook. Become a fan of the KR Multicase page

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Battlegames issue 23 now available

Issue 23 of Battlegames magazine, digital and analog, are now available. From their website:
You've been very patient and so will no doubt be delighted to hear that issue 23 of the magazine has arrived. The digital edition is available here on the website right now, and the printed copies will be mailed out by our distributors to all our subscribers this week. You can also buy the paper version direct from us here at Battlegames HQ, which we will also start getting in the post this week. Parcels will be flying out to our other retailers and distributors worldwide, so allow some extra time if you get your regular copy from your local gaming store.

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