Year 2010

Basra 1946 AE-WWII Campaign Supplement available at Gen Con

Basra 1946Darkson Designs will have a limited number of copies of their Basra 1946 Campaign Supplement for AE-WWII available for sale at Gen Con Indy.

From their announcement:
Our newest release will be available in limited quantities at GenCon 2010. AE-WWII Basra: 1946 – The Desert War. 8.5? x 11? 108 pages SRP $34.99

Basra: 1946 is a campaign supplement for AE-WWII. This book expands the unit choices available to all factions in the game. Detailed rules for using and combating tanks in the game are also included. The story behind the campaign lets players expand their games in new directions along the alternate timeline.

AE-WWII: Basra 1946 Campaign Supplement Contains:
• New historical units and background for British and German forces
• New weird war units for the game
• Rules for fighting in desert environments
• Rules for customizing tanks and other vehicles in the game
• Background on the desert war and the alternate timeline for the Iraqi conflict in 1946
• Three different campaigns representing the different sides of the story in Basra: 1946
• New hero choices, new special orders, and more

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Ex illis monster base teaser

Bastion have sent images of the base for an upcoming monster figure for Ex illis. The figure will be on display at Gen Con Indy.

From their announcement:
We've got something huge coming, and it stands on this.

This is a base for our next monster, our miniatures use a 28mm scale range. To give you a more precise idea, this base has an approximate diameter of 5 inches.

Want to see the whole thing? Come check it out in our booth #1109 at GenCon.

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Secret Skeleton Miniatures post new preview

Secret Skeleton Miniatures have sent a photo of the green for their new Sahuagin miniature. No word on a release date for the figure.

Sahuagin WIP

From their announcement:
We have decided to wipe the slate clean and start all over with our Sea Devils (or Sahuagin) and here are the results. Sculpted by Patrick Keith, this is the first of an intended line of these murky foes.

Beyond just these raider types, we will have Sahuagin priestess, shark riders, and of course, a four-armed baron.
We also having growing lines of frog men, lizardmen, dark elves, and skeletons.

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Crooked Dice preview Scary Statues

Crooked Dice have posted a photo of the greens for their upcoming 28mm Scary Statues. Scary Statues From their website:
So in an appropriately timey-whimey fashion, we have adjusted the release schedule and can now offer you C1, C2 and C3 - Scary Statues. Amongst catacombs and graveyards lie these carvings. Silent and patient, they watch and wait, ready to animate and pounce on unsuspecting adventurers or lonely travellers. We love these and hope you will too. They come in two parts - body and (a generic set of) wings and are going off for mastering next week. They will be available for pre-orders in a couple of weeks, with these being available individually and as a three pack. Prices to follow once we have agreed mould arrangements. Release is planned for mid September, but we will confirm as production progresses.
Check out their forum for a larger photo as well as news of some other releases coming soon.
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Perry's accepting Go Strong into the Desert pre-orders

Go Strong coverPerry Miniatures are now accepting pre-orders for Go Strong into the Desert, The Mahdist Uprising in the Sudan 1881-1885 A Military History and Uniform Guide. From their announcement: Following the string of disasters which befell the Egyptian military in the Sudan from 1881-1884, the Mahdist Uprising obliged a reluctant London government to deploy an array of distinguished officers and regiments. The ensuing string of battles proved to be hercule struggles encompassing some of the most fascinating episodes in nineteenth century military history. Amongst many other incidents Go Strong into the Desert recalls gallant but reckless cavalry charges, the breaking of a British square, the epic struggle to reach Khartoum in time and the heroic death of General Gordon. Throughout it all the courage displayed by both the Sudanese ansari and the British ‘Tommy’ was never less than astonishing. From the beginning of Muhammad Ahmad’s struggle at Aba Island to the repulse of the Mahdist invasion of southern Egypt in December 1885, Colonel Mike Snook offers his readers comprehensive yet fast paced coverage of a brutal and bloody war. 216 pages packed full of contemporary images both colour and black and white. Out late August 2010 Price £25 + p&p. Postage and packing- UK £3, Europe £5, Rest of the World £9
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A video introduction to Dust Tactics

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a video overview of the Dust Tactics miniatures boardgame. From their website:
On Thursday, August 5th at 10am, Dust Tactics will debut to tens of thousands of excited Gen Con attendees in Indianapolis, Indiana. At that very moment, four competitors will officially kick-off the Dust Tactics Gen Con Skirmish at the Fantasy Flight Games’ Event Hall (ICC : 125), and the first open demos of Dust Tactics will begin at our booth (#720). If you’re interested in purchasing Dust Tactics, the game will be released for sale on Thursday, August 5th at 4pm. Just stop by the FFG Retail booth (#811) and pick up a copy of your very own.   To whet your appetite until you enjoy your own first game of this incredible new release, we’re excited to present the following introduction to the exciting world of Dust Tactics.

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Mantic Games announces Kings of War ruleset and starter box

Mantic Games have announced a new starter set for use with their new fantasy rules written by Alessio Cavatore. Starter Set From their website:
Mantic Games has gotten gaming legend Alessio Cavatore to write the rule set for their Kings of War fantasy miniatures game, set to release on October 22nd with the Mhorgoth's Revenge starter set. The set contains over 100 miniatures for the Undead and Dwarf armies;
  • King of War Ruleset
  • Dice
  • 25 Dwarf Ironclad Warriors including Command
  • 20 Ironwatch
  • 1 Ironbelcher with crew
  • 20 Skeletons including Command
  • 10 Revenants
  • 10 Ghouls
  • 15 Zombies
  • 1 Balefire Catapult with crew
  • Undead and Dwarf Poster Guides
  • Undead Sticker Sheets
  • 3 Mantic Points
  • 20mm bases
  • Large Mantic Carry Case with Protective Foam
In addition, the first 1000 copies of the Battleset will also contain a free Mantic Journal with painting guide and assembly tips, and the first 100 copies of the Battleset will be signed by Alessio.

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Corvus Belli adds YouTube channel

Corvus Belli have added a channel on YouTube with introductory videos for Infinity. From their website:
Greetings. We are glad to introduce you to the new Corvus Belli Youtube channel. In the next days we will be uploading videos that will show the rules and background of “Infinity the Game”. These videos were made to be shown as an introductory help and tutorial for new players and costumers, they will show some of the most basic rules of the game and the generic looks and fluff of the armies. We hope you enjoy them and share through the internet to your friends and people interested in Infinity and miniature games. Remember that you can activate or deactivate the captions using the “CC” button in the lower right corner of the video.

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New stock and Re-stocks at Angel Barracks

Angel Barracks have received new products and a restock of some of their existing products. super mini d6 From their announcement:
We have some K&M trees in stock, perfect for the 6mm gamer. These can be found on the scenery page. We have also re-stocked the super mini d6, which are great as counters or just as very small dice for very small figures. These are on the dice page unsurprisingly. Back to K&M for some scatter material that is again great for the 6mm gamer as it is made of robust fine grains that do not look big against 6mm men. This is on the sundries page. Plus there are few other new bits and bobs here and there. Why not go take a peek.

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Dust Tactics rules available for download

Fantasy Flight Games have posted the rules for the Dust Tactics miniatures boardgame. From their announcement:
The rules for Dust Tactics (pdf, 7.4 MB) are now available on our support page. Study these rules of engagement carefully, then come test your mettle at GenCon 2010. In an alternate 1940s reality, alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war as the forces of the Axis and Allies clash over rare mineral deposits that could inevitably decide the outcome of the war. Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures board game for 2-4 players, set in the engrossing world created by renowned artist Paolo Parente.

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CoolMiniOrNot announce Gen Con booth details

CoolMiniOrNot have announced some details of the products and personalities that will be at their booth at Gen Con Indy 2010. From their announcement:
Miniature hobbyists will have seen Natalya’s (Alexi-Z) work on CoolMiniOrNot for years, or watched as she collected two Slayer Swords and numerous Golden Demon trophies. *Now they can get her brand new DVD – Miniature Painting Secrets with Natalya; a 4 disc DVD revealing all her painting secrets. CoolMiniOrNot will have a limited quantity of DVDs on hand at the convention on a first come first served basis. Natalya will also be available for signings at the booth and will provide live painting demonstrations throughout the weekend. Natalya will also be signing the 2008 CMON Annual – a beautiful hard cover tome with all the top scoring miniatures submitted to CMON in 2008, with Natalya’s Dark Age Lilith adorning the cover. CoolMiniOrNot is releasing a resin and metal kit depicting a mighty Great Eagle and his Elven ally flying into battle.* Standing over 110mm tall, this huge kit is set to dominate many a hobbyists battlefield and collection.* Limited quantities will be on hand and will surely be in high demand at the convention.

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CoolMiniOrNot acquires Enigma and Gamezone licenses for North America

CoolMiniOrNot will be producing Enigma and Gamezone figures for the North American market. From their announcement:
CoolMiniOrNot is pleased to announce agreements with both Enigma and Gamezone to manufacture their miniatures under license in the USA. Gen Con will be the first time miniature fans can purchase Enigma miniatures produced here in the USA. CoolMiniOrNot will have the full line of 32mm Massive Darkness on hand at Gen Con with 2 brand new releases – Oberon and Fiama. Enigma is famous for their line of high quality 32mm miniatures which until now have been difficult to obtain outside of Spain. CoolMiniOrNot has also acquired the rights to manufacture Gamezone Miniatures in North America and will also present the full line of Gamezone Dark Elves at the booth.

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Unified Theory releases free Vortex Combatant Supplement

Unified Theory Games have released Shock Troops, a free supplement for their Vortex sci-fi rules. From their announcement:
In celebration of Wargame Factory's new Shock Troop miniatures, Unified Theory Games is offering eight new Bonus Combatants to be used with the Vortex: Basic Battlefield Rules. This free downloadable supplement also includes model assembly suggestions and four sample Platoon lists. Though specifically designed to reflect Wargames Factory's Shock Troops, these Bonus Combatants can be used with any suitable 20mm-35mm miniatures. The Vortex Core Rulebook, scheduled for print in late 2010, is a fully customizable miniature skirmish game for use with any miniature in any setting.

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Hasslefree Summer Bonus Time nearly finished

Hasslefree Miniatures' Summer Bonus Time is nearly at an end. From their announcement:
2010 Summer Bonus Time nears its end. Miss the original new item? Full details of the offer are on our website. To summarise: 1: we have a choice of 22 models on a 'buy one get another one thrown in free' deal. plus 2: All orders over £30 (exc shipping) will receive a free pack of square resin Fenris bases in assorted sizes from 50mm diameter to 20mm diameter. plus: 3: All order over £45 (exc shipping)will also get a free (as yet unreleased) figure of one of our modern fighters plus 4: Mystery blisters priced at £10.00 for 4 or 5 with a minimum retail price of £14.00 and potential maximum value of £22 plus Loyalty Card Holders get an extra special something 1: BOGOF Access until 3rd August to a ‘BOGOF’ (buy one get one free) page in the shop This will vanish on the 4th August. For any code displayed on this page all you have to do is add what you want to the shopping basket and we will automatically double the quantity in your basket. If you add ‘1’ we will add ‘2’, if you add ‘2’ we will double it to ‘4’. An excellent way to get ‘bits’ for converting if you fancied giving Madge’s gun to Amoy but didn’t fancy chopping up a full-price figure then you get 2 of each code to play with. If you are ‘money-careful’ then get the extras and pop them away for Christmas or a mates birthday. Buying for a club?…an excellent way to boost some prizes on the cheap.

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Alternative Armies release Todoroni Baron for Flintloque

Baron PetrochemicoliAlternative Armies have released a new limited edition Flintloque fantasy figure. From their announcement: Hello Everyone. The Baron Petrochemicoli is rich, powerful, hansome (well for a Todoroni!) and now he can be all yours. Commander of the '56540 Cotechino Guarda' packs this character has his own background and special rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Now released as a 28mm scale white metal miniature. LE043 Baron Petrochemicoli. 1 Little Todoroni in fine clothing, telescope, with separate arm and plastic base. £5.00 Go here to see the miniature and to learn more including a transcript of its insert. This code is the forty third in the long running series of World of Valon limited editions which are very popular with gamers and collectors. As an 'LE' code its run is limited to 1000 numbered packs. You can learn more about the excellent Cotechino Guarda on our website. Thanks for reading, Gavin.
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Dragon Forge release Round Lip Base Army Starter Deal

Dragon Forge Design have added the Round Lip Base Army Starter Deal to their online store. From their announcement:
Purchase From the Dragon Forge Store Two 30mm Round Lip Base Sets One 40mm Round Lip Base Set and Get 2 - 50mm Round Lip Bases for free That's $10.00 in Free Bases Place your order as normal and in the comments box tell me which 2 50mm bases you would like added. If for some reason you don't see the comments box send me an email with your selection. Will run till Monday August 2, 2010

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Forge World announce Heresy era armour and weapons

Forge World are taking pre-orders for a new Space marine vehicle kit as well as a set of Heresy era Space Marine armour and weapons. MkIII 'Iron' Armour Set From their announcement:
MkIII 'Iron' Armour Set The first of our new Space Marine armour sets is this fantastic MkIII Armour Set sculpted by Will Hayes. The full resin kit provides enough parts to build 5 Space Marines in MkIII 'Iron' Armour, including two different sets of legs, shoulder pads, arms, torsos and helmets. You can see these here, along with a gallery of photos showing examples of how these brilliant parts can be combined with plastic Space Marine kits. The MkIII 'Iron' Armour is a variant of the previous 'Crusade' pattern adapted with additional armour plates to the front, as well as a reinforced helmet faceplate and strengthened vambraces for the savage firefights of fleet-based boarding actions. This extra armour turns an already resilient Marine into an almost unstoppable juggernaut within the cramped confines of a ship. This detailed kit can be pre-ordered for despatch in the week commencing August 23rd.

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MERCS Miniatures online store bug removed

MERCS Miniatures have removed a bug that has stopped some people being unable to place orders from their online store. From their website:
If you've been trying to order but couldn't, we fixed the problem thanks to one James Hawkins' persistence. He has been trying to order some fig for a while but couldn't get past the shipping tab. It turns out, deep in the belly of our new store we hadn't activated certain countries as ordering zones. Long story short, every country our store can authorize as zones to purchase has been activated. So if you were trying to order figs, but couldn't . . . please try again.

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August's BattleTech releases available at Gen Con

Iron Wind Metals will be offering some of their August BattleTech miniature releases at Gen Con Indy. From their website:
Iron Wind is set to release 4 new BattleTech minis in August.
  • 20-498 Patriot Mech – PKM-2C TRO 3075 – 65 ton $12.25
  • 20-499 Bolla Stealth Tank {2}(Jihad Hot Spots 3076 – 60 $13.95
  • Contains 2 bodies and a turret for both the Prime / Invictus & Infernus variants
  • 20-5000 Lightning LTN-G15 Med. Aerospace Fighter - (TRO3075 – 50 Ton) $10.50
  • 20-5001 Eagle EGL-R6 Heavy Aerospace Fighter - (TRO 3075 – 75 Ton) $11.25
Unfortunately, we will not have the finished Patriot in time for the show. We will, however, have very limited quantities of the Bolla, Lightning, and Eagle available while they last. See us at booth 911 for these and all the other great BattleTech miniatures, including a full stock of Archived minis at regular price.

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