Year 2010

Pendraken announce June 2010 releases

Pendraken Miniatures have posted a list of their 10mm historical miniature releases for June 2010. 1859 French FIW1 Guard, in bearskin £3.00 Boer War BW40 3 Boers in a trench (4) £1.40 BW41 British foot, marching (18) £2.00 WWII British BR141 BEF riflemen, type 1 (10) £1.05 BR142 BEF Officers (10) £1.05 BR143 BEF surrendering (10) £1.05 BR144 Boyes AT gun (10) £1.05 BR145 2lb A/T gun w/ BEF crew (2)£1.75 BR146 Tank commanders (10) £1.05 BR147 BEF riflemen, type 2 (10) £1.05 WWII German GR209 Tank traps – 50mmx50mm (3) £3.75
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Black Knight Games back online

Black Knight Games have finished work on their new site and are back online.

From their announcement:
Finally, after almost two weeks, BKG has deployed the new Web site! The new site is completely different. Instead of taking visitors directly to the store, I decided to create more of an online magazine look and feel. I hope that folks will find this new layout to their liking.

With the new layout, there will be a whole bunch of new features. You will have to visit the site to see what is afoot, but I think it’s pretty cool.

The store is up again as well. I will be adding products to it over the next few days. Mostly the classic minis and the cheap bases. The new Verminion and the classic chariot are already on. One of the really cool things about the new store is that it is now set up for digital products. This means that when Fantasy Legend II is published we will be able to sell the pdf files without going through a clearing house.

The forum has been up for most of the down time.

Thanks to all of you who offered your support during our down time. That was about the LAST thing I needed. Oh well, we made a little lemonade anyway. :)

Now I can get back to finishing the rules.

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Chapterhouse Studios release Super-Heavy Walker

Chapterhouse Studios have released a resin Super-Heavy Walker kit for use with 40K. Super-Heavy vehicle kit From their announcement:
Let me unveil our first Super-Heavy vehicle kit, the SXV-141 Super-heavy Assault Walker, or the SAW for short. (I am leaning towards calling this big boy the "Kraken" to keep up the ocean theme of Tau) After seeing the work of the guy who designed and sculpted this walker I knew we had to carry it. We were even able to drop the production cost of this huge kit. Price is set at $285 plus shipping. It is a completely new design, but it has an obvious "Tau" style to it. This is a resin model kit consisting of over 50 parts, weighing in at approximately 2kg and standing almost 30cm tall when complete. The kit components are supplied "as cast" and require cleanup, assembly and painting for the finished product. Needless to say I think the Imperial Warhound titan will have its hands full. This monster mounts Twin Heavy Rail Guns, Smart Missile launchers, Marker Lights and Burst Cannons for close defense. We are working on rules for this bad boy and welcome any thoughts. You won't find this on the website yet, feel free to email me on order inquiries, and due to its large size it will be produced on order.

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Memorial Day Sale at GameCraft Miniatures

GameCraft Miniatures is having a Memorial Day sale. From their announcement:
Memorial Day is a day for us all to stop and remember those that have given their lives in active duty. As a US Army veteran myself, this holiday has special meaning to me. Memorial Day has also become a "sale day" here in America, so just in case you are not heading out tomorrow to buy a new mattress or big screen TV I decided to offer a discount to all of my valued customers on this day. 15% will be taken off the price of anything and everything you purchase from our online store on Memorial Day (actually starting tonight), do don't miss this opportunity save some cash and get some cool goodies. And don't forget what this holiday is really about and remember those that have given their lives for our country. We all play war games but I think we all understand that war is serious business and unfortunately not all the participants come home when it's over.

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Last chance at the Mantic Games 15% Off Sale

The Mantic Games 15% off sale ends today. From their announcement:
The 15% Off Bank Holiday Madness sale from Mantic Games is rapidly coming to a close with less than 12 hours to go until the MADNESS15 code runs out. And that's not all. Today marks the final day of our Free Bag offer as well - order over 50 pounds, 75 euros, and 99 dollars, and you will receive a free Mantic Messenger Bag with your order. Combine that with a 15% discount code, MADNESS15, entered at the checkout, and this Bank Holiday is truly one of madness. So, with brand new dwarf preorders, two monumentally great value deals in Malak's Legion of Death and Tydarion's Dragon Host, and a host of new releases such as the Vampire Lord on Pegasus and the Mantic Paintset, you have until Midnight tonight to claim your free bag and get 15% off. Spread the word - don't miss it.

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Aventine finish Republican Roman Heavy infantry

Aventine Miniatures have released the last of their 28mm Heavy infantry figures for their Republican Roman range of figures. Triarii ready From their announcement:
We have now finished the Advancing mail armoured Principes and can now offer the Republican Roman Army deal. This has been based on the FOG Mid. Republican Roman list. It has 56 figures that would normally sell at £58 but are only £50. They also go towards the banded discounts within the shop meaning that if you buy two army deals and one other pack to bring the total to over £100 a further 12.5% is deducted at the checkout. Thus each deal would be £43.75 for 56 figures. We are almost finished with the Principes (there are 72 different figures in mail), the bronze armoured Principes figures will appear soon along with stationary Hastati. Next up will be the Tarentine cavalry, the Roman Heavy cavalry and "Generals".

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Podhammer interviews Alessio Cavatore

The Podhammer podcast has posted a new featuring an interview with Alessio Cavatore. From their website:
Former GW designer Alessio Cavatore makes an appearance on Podhammer to chat about his time at GW and his new project Shurro From the Podhammer site: "There have been many highlights in Podhammer's 3 year history. This episode may be at the top of the list. I am pleased to present episode 67, an interview with famous (or is that infamous?) games designer Alessio Cavatore. If you don’t know who this is, flip to the front of just about every Warhammer/40k/LOTR book written in the last 10 years. Many of them will have his name written there. Alessio Cavatore has shaped the face of our game for the last decade. He took the time to chat with us about his time with GW and what he is currently working on. Kendall and I sound like absolute fanbois who are too nervous to put a complete sentence together, but it was still an incredible experience and I hope you enjoy listening as much as we did making it. Make sure you check out Alessio’s current project Shurro at River Horse"

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MaxMini release Steambike have added their 28mm Steambike to their online store. Steambike From their website:
This set contains one multipart steambike with biker. Designed to fit 28mm "heroic" miniatures. List of parts:
  • bike main frame
  • front wheel
  • handle bar
  • 2 x guns
  • electrolance
  • multipart biker (legs, torso, arms)
Scenic base not included. Supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Hamster52 (bike) and Jaroslaw Smolka (biker).

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Grenadier Productions store still offline

Grenadier Productions are reporting that their online store is still offline. From their website:
Sorry for the delay but a combination of factors has kept me from getting the Grenadier Productions webstore up as quickly as I would like. Rest assured that the store has not gone away and that both Grenadier! Miniatures and the line of Grenadier Productions books are still active and for sale. I will get the store back up as soon as possible but it might be mid-June before the store is posted again. If you would like to order some products, feel free to send me an email and we can arrange something directly.

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Immortal Miniatures update

Immortal Miniatures have sent along details of some upcoming new releases as well as updates to their existing ranges of figures. From their announcement:
I’ve just sent me next set of plastic figures off to tooling, with the next one to follow this month. The great thing about plastic figures is it allows you to make figures in metal that normally would not be so viable financially. Im hoping to add 2 brand new ranges this year and anther two that can be used to either expand some of my existing ones or create entirely new armies. The plan with immortal miniatures is to create a solid ‘time line’ of armies, so you always have opponents and ally’s for each of the ranges.

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Uncharted Seas Destroyer models now available to pre-order

Spartan Games are taking pre-orders for their Uncharted Seas Destroyer models. Chisel Class Destroyer From their website:
We're pleased to announce that our Uncharted Seas Destroyer models are now available to pre-order from our Online Store. Within this release are the following models: Phantom Class Destroyer The Phantom Class Destroyer is a horrifying new weapon in the Bone Griffons arsenal. They are built for but one purpose: crushing enemy ships with plague-infected missiles fired from a massive catapult whose arm is nearly as long as the ship itself. Moonbeam Class Destroyer Designed to take on special missions for the Dragon Lords, the Moonbeam Class Destroyers stress joint tactics. Their standard tactics are to soften up enemies from range before ramming and overwhelming the survivors using combined boarding actions.
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