Year 2010

Armorcast re-issues Medieval buildings line

Armorcast has re-issued their range of Medieval buildings. index.jpg From their announcement:
They're back! We have reissued all of the medieval non - ruined structures. All of the classics are back and we have some new designs in the pipeline as well.
  • (1210) 3" x 3" Medieval Cottage $13.00
  • (1211) 3" x 4.5" Medieval Cottage $15.00
  • (1212) 3" x 6" Medieval Cottage $17.00
  • (1213) Outbuildings $10.00
  • (1214) 3" x 6" Blacksmith Shop $18.00
  • (1215) 3" x 3" Stone Cottage $13.00
  • (1216) 3" x 4.5" Stone Cottage $15.00
  • (1217) 3" x 6" Stone Cottage (7 pieces) $19.00
  • (1218) 4" x 3" Medieval Cottage (7 pieces) $16.00
  • (1219) 4"x 4.5" Medieval Cottage (7 pieces) $19.00
  • (1220) 4"x 6" Medieval Cottage (7 pieces) $22.00
  • (1233) 4" x 3" 2 Story House $24.00
  • (1234) 4" x 4.5" 2 Story Shop $29.00
  • (1235) 4" x 6" 2 Story Shop $35.00
  • (1236) Dormers and Bay Windows (4) $11.00
  • (1240) Medieval Tavern $43.00
  • (1241) 5" x 7" 2 Story Inn (9 pieces) $52.00
  • (1250) 3" x 3" Wood Cottage $14.00
  • (1251) 3" x 4.5" Wood Cottage $18.00
  • (1252) 4" x 4.5" Wood Barn $23.00
  • (1253) 3" x 4.5" Wooden Stable $15.00
  • (1254) Village Well $9.00

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The Dark Sword Miniatures site is back online

Dark Sword Miniatures have posted an update on their website problems. From their announcement:
Hello everyone I am so sorry about the site issues. It turns out our site "was too big with too many images" according to our hosting company, even though we have an unlimited hosting plan and were well under all of our allotments. So they disabled all of our images without even giving notice. I then called to see what the issues was to learn that they wanted to move me to a new server. So they moved the Dark Sword site to a more powerful server which should be good to go. So the site is back up and running (thank goodness) and I feel like a drained man after 2 days of this. It is beyond stressful to have a business with an online presence be taken offline like that. I do apologize.

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Fantasy Modeling #1 posted as a PDF file

FantasyModeling1_Cover.jpgThe Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine blog has posted a PDF of the first issue of Fantasy Modeling magazine.

From his announcement:
A PDf of the classic hobby magazine Fantasy Modeling is now available at Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine. Fantasy Modeling had a run of six issues starting in 1980 and each one is a pure inspiration for modelers, gamers, and hobbyists.

In this issue:
• The Popular Imagery of Boris Vallejo
• The Plastic Industry Strikes Back
• Atlantis Lives
• The Military Corner: Historex Walks New Paths
• Origins '80
• Kit Bashing Spaceships
• War Games: the Greatest Fantasy of Them All
• Book Reviews
• Fantasy Collectables
• Adventures in Gaming
• And enough vintage ads to make you want to break out some graph paper and dice for some serious retro gaming

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Privateer Press Gen Con 2010 event schedule posted

Privateer Press have posted a PDF with their Gen Con 2010 event schedule.

From their website:
Gen Con 2010 is on the horizon, and this year Privateer Press is preparing to bring the best tournament schedule anyone has ever seen, with more tournaments and events then ever before.

WARMACHINE and HORDES players can battle in four separate qualifier tournaments in an effort to earn their place in the Championship tournament on Sunday. Battle through the Rite of Passage, Triple Threat, Inventory, and the glorious return of Hardcore. Each event will take its top 4 players to Sunday’s 16-player final, where the action will decide who is best of the best. Or take part in two casual events that will test your mettle—Death Race and Focus and Fury’s The 5 Horsemen Team event.

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New Incoming! vidcasts posted

The latest, and sadly last, episodes of the Incoming! miniature review vidcasts have been posted. From their announcement:
The latest episodes of the Incoming! Video Podcast have now been posted. Episode 39 of the historical show looks back at releases for w/e 19th March 2010, and features new miniatures from Baccus Miniatures, BEF Miniatures, Black Scorpion and Khurasan Miniatures Episode 40 looks back at new releases of historical miniatures for w/e 26th March 2010, and includes new figures from Magister Militum, Empress Miniatures, Warlord Games and Renegade Miniatures. Episode 24 of the sci-fi & fantasy show looks back at the miniature releases for w/e 19th March 2010, and features new models from Reaper Miniatures, Dark Sword Miniatures, AEG & Ground Zero Games. Episode 25 of the sci-fi & fantasy showlooks back at the miniatures released for w/e 26th March 2010, and includes new figures from Pig Iron Productions, Minos Miniatures, Hasslefree Miniatures and Micro Art Studioes The videos are available on YouTube, or you can view them directly on the Meeples & Miniatures website.

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Mantic Games payment issue

Mantic Games are experiencing issues with their online payment processing and have extended their free shipping offer. From their announcement:
An apology from Mantic Games, Typically on the last day of our world wide free shipping promotion, our payment gateway provider has had some technical issues which has resulted in a error message and failure when checking out of the Mantic Web Site. We would like to apologise for an inconvenience this may have caused. It is unfortunately completely outside of our hands, although we are reassured everything is being done to correct the fault as quickly as possible. Due to this unforeseen circumstance we at Mantic felt it only fair to give you an extra 24hrs of free shipping using the FREEDELWW code. Once again sorry for any inconvenience caused

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Terrain Warehouse release non-human undead

Terrain Warehouse have released a series of non-human undead figures. skeleton-regement.jpg From their announcement:
Ever wondered why Necromancers only ever seem to raise human skeletons? Battlezone Miniatures are very pleased to announce the first release in their Undead range – mixed species Skeleton Warriors. Ideal for any 28mm Fantasy Wargame, these figures add character to any Undead army. There are 7 different species and a command group, along with 12 different shields. Available from Terrain Warehouse UK, with sets starting from only £1 a figure.

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Incoming! vidcasts coming to an end

The latest episodes of the Incoming! miniature review vidcasts will be the last. From their announcement:
I am sorry to inform you all that the latest episodes of the Incoming! Video Podcasts will be the last. I've had tremendous fun producing these shows over the last 11 months, but unfortunately due to other commitments I no longer have the time available to produce these each week. Please listen to the following annoucement for further details, which includes information of what is going to happen moving forward. I want to thank everyone who has supported the show by your email and kind comments - you have made the entire project more than worthwhile. This video is available on YouTube, or you can view it directly on the Meeples & Miniatures website.

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Ganesha Games at Hellana 2010

Ganesha Games will be attending the Hellana 2010 gaming convention in Agliana, Italy. From their announcement:
Andrea Sfiligoi and Sergio Laliscia of Ganesha Games will be at Hellana 2010 (Agliana, Italy) on Sunday, April 11. Hellana is a mainly historical wargaming event held in Tuscany. There is also a small but thriving bring’n’buy corner. We’ll have a table for Song of Drums and Shakos and printed copies of our rulebooks will be available.

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Back 2 Base-ix releases Magflex packs

Back 2 Base-ix have released a new laser cut magnetic regiment tray system. movement_tray_pack.jpg From their announcement:
Bringing together a combination of three mediums (MDF, Flexible Steel sheet, and Rare Earth Magnets) we've now made a kit for regiment style troops to keep them in formation. Each kit gives you a laser cut tray, the steel insert (with adhesive backing), and enough magnets to fill the tray with the appropriate figures. Larger bases get more magnets per base when compared to their smaller cousins. Available for 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 50mm x 25mm base sizes, in a large range of width by depth combinations. Prices start from as little as $3.95AU per tray.

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Mandollies episode 22 posted

Episode 22 of the Mandollies podcast has been uploaded. From their announcement:
In This Bumper Episode I am joined by James Moorhouse, Jason and Julian Miller as we tackle the impact of Special Characters in 40K & Fantasy. This topic is so big that I had to split it into two episodes. Also in this show, James Moorhouse turns roving reporter for Mandollies and interviews some players at the recent Emperors Legion Fantasy tournament that allowed Special Characters. Part 1
  • 0:00:33 Intro & This week in Wargaming with Jason & Julian Miller
  • 0:20:25 Next week in Wargaming
  • 0:26:00 News & Rumors
  • 0:34:07 Topic of the Week Part 1: Special Characters in 40K with Jason & Julian Miller
Part 2
  • 0:00:36 Intro to Part 2
  • 0:02:42 Emperors Legion: Special Characters in Fantasy with James & Russ Part 1
  • 0:23:05 Emperors Legion: Special Characters in Fantasy with Simon Hall & Jeff Galea
  • 0:34:15 Emperors Legion: Special Characters in Fantasy with James & Russ Part 2
  • 0:54:03 Topic of the Week Part 2: Special Characters in Fantasy with James Moorhouse

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Angel Barracks add 6mm European Farmhouse

Angel Barracks have added a new 6mm terrain piece to their online store.


From their announcement:
We have a new European Farmhouse on the website, not meant to be La Haye Sainte but could work as it, or a makeshift WWII HQ, or a simple farmhouse or etc...

Quite nifty this, can be used up to modern periods as well as 19th century types.

Would also go well with the other farm scenery we do.

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New D6 Generation podcast posted

The latest episode of the D6 Generation podcast has been posted. From their announcement:
Cryptology, patents, Warmachine Mk 2 and even the CIA all get discussed this episode. Yep, we're not sure how that happened either. First up, patents: how do they work and why do you need them? We had such a great response to our show about Trademarks we asked Romeo from Battlefoam to come on and talk about the how's and why's of patenting something like a fancy pants laser system to cut foam. Later Total Fan Girl chats with Elonka Dunin, a world renown expert on cryptology who has done work for the CIA. But more importantly, she's a gamer. Finally, the D6G team takes a hard look at Warmachine Mark 2. The book has been out a couple months now, Force books are on the streets, and the boys have played more than a few games. Is it everything we hoped for? Oh, and listen close to the beginning of the show for news about a new product from our friends at Lone Wolf Development.

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