Year 2010

Firestorm Armada escort and civilian ship stats

Spartan Games have posted PDF files with the current stats for the escort and civilian ships they recently released for Firestorm Armada. From their website:
Our rules writers are constantly working on additions to the Firestorm Armada rules. Some will eventually evolve to form new ‘core’ rules and others will simply be statistics for our latest models - some may not even make the grade and be filed away in the now that didn't work folder. We have therefore decided to make our latest musings available on a new Web page for you to look over and play/test The idea being that as we play test our new ideas you can join in. It will also enable you to get hold of statistics faster and allow you to test them out prior to buying them. Please remember that if the rules/stats are on this page they are not the finished item. They are still for testing and once we get them past this staging area they will become finalised and made available from our Firestorm Downloads page as finished items. If you want to feed back on the rules please feel free to do so, just drop us an email to

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Warlord Games release Oliver Cromwell figure

Cromwell_front.jpgWarlord Games have added an Oliver Cromwell figure to their Pike and Shotte range. From their announcement: The latest character miniature to be released for our Pike & Shotte range if 'Old Wartyface' himself - Oliver Cromwell. Firm favourite of the Parliamentarian cause and nemesis of the monarchists, Cromwell was a more than able cavalry commander before he become Lord Protector. It's his battlefield guise we've depicted him, stood in his stirrups and waving his hat to exhort the troops. This lovely mounted model is now available from the Warlord webstore
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Secret Weapon basing update

Secret Weapon Miniatures have an update on the status of their orders as well as news of some new releases. 4391077436_3f8c251a12_o.jpg From their announcement:
My resin order was delayed by the blizzard on the east coast and then by a train derailment. I kid you not! Fortunately this gave me some time to put together six new products. Today sees the release of:
  • 25x70mm bike bases - two sets of three bases in the "Trench Works" and "Urban Streets" themes
  • 40mm "Tech Factory" display base
  • 25mm Display Blank - with removable square gaming base
  • 25mm "Tech Factory" bases - complete with access hatches and exposed cables and pipes
These products are available now for your shopping pleasure.

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Guts N Gears episode 17 posted

Episode 17 of the Guts N Gears, Warmachine and Hordes, podcast has been posted. From their announcement:
Mark 2 Warmachine. Let the battles begin. Guest Line up:
  • Privateer Press David Carl on Cygnar & Mk2 Temple con Hordes Field test feedback
  • Incoming Chaps CTUWC, take over the show and tell us about their amazing scenario..
  • The Devilsquid. Yann Folange and his army of doom
  • PG Andrew AKA Hacksaw, PG Paul AKA Snakeman & PG Craig AKA Lonely monk. Lay down the smackdown on Temple the future, past and present. Their background on Warmachine & Hordes and a tiny snippet on GEN CON 2010
  • "Mark 2 Warmachine is upon us, let the battles begin." suggested theme tune

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Grand Ambition by Stephen Danes now at Saber's Edge

grandambition.jpgSaber's Edge is now offering PDFs of the Grand Ambition rules by Stephen Danes. From their announcement: Saber's Edge is proud to offer Grand Ambition, wargame rules for the wars of Janes II, Louis XIV, and William III by Stephen Danes (author of Father Tilly and Bloody Kingdom) This later period of the 17th Century saw the rise of the standing army: regular troops, funded by the state and employed all year round. This period also saw significant developments in weaponry and tactics and it is these changes that are reflected in these rules. Included in the Grand Ambition rule book are sections detailing the organization of troops and the types of formations and tactics deployed. All of the rules necessary to run the game, including Initiative, Game Sequence, and Movement, Shooting and Combat, Orders and Morale for individual units and the army as a whole, plus extensive army lists are also provided. In addition to this is the section describing the war-tokens and their use, plus a system regulating the deployment of armies and a system for generating battlefield terrain. There is also a section with information for converting the game to lower level company actions, plus a method for generating scenarios for smaller scale engagements. The rules provide a scenario which includes a map and order of battle for the game. And, finally, the war-tokens for use in Grand Ambition games. $16.00 USD PDF
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First Italian Song of Drums and Shakos tournament

Ganesha Games have sent along details of the first Italian Song of Drums and Shakos tournament. From their announcement:
The first Italian SDS tournament will be held in Arezzo, Sunday May 9th, in the Star Shop/Fumettopoli store in via Piave 24, Arezzo. Registration is 7 euros. There will be awards (a cup) for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, plus a prize for the best painted squad. The rules used will be: SDS and MDS, with the latest release (1.2) of the Italian-language tournament rules, playing at 400 points. To sign up, contact Sergio Laliscia through his blog. Il primo torneo di Song of Drums and Shakos si terrà ad Arezzo, domenica 9 maggio, nel negozio Star Shop/Fumettopoli in via Piave 24. L'iscrizione è 7 euro e ci saranno cope per il primo, secondo e terzo classificato, e un premio pittura per la squadra meglio dipinta. I regolamenti usati saranno SDS, MDS e l'ultima release (la 1.2) delle regole da torneo, con squadre da 400 punti. Per iscriversi, contattare Sergio Laliscia tramite il blog di SDS

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New 1914 Zouaves from Phoenix Miniatures

North Star Military Figures have added new 1914 Zouaves miniatures to their Phoenix Miniatures range of historical figures. DSC_0013.jpg From their announcement:
Phoenix Miniatures, the range designed by Tony Slocombe for North Star Military Figures, has added a new set of figures to the line. The new packs are of French Zouaves from 1914. The Zouaves were regiments in the French army, first raised in 1831, mostly for service in North Africa. The characteristic zouave uniform included short open fronted jackets, baggy red or white trousers and often sashes and oriental headgear. They began WW1 in their colorful uniforms, but adopted khaki alternatives by 1915. We have three packs, each containing 4 different figures. We have put together a platoon deal (for Warhammer Historicals Great War Rules) that contains one each of the three packs plus a free figure of a Standard Bearer, not available elsewhere. The figures are 28mm sized, made of metal and supplied unpainted. Paper flag for the Standard Bearer not included.

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Wargames Factory Furore Teutonicus army deal

Wargames Factory have released the Furore Teutonicus army deal. From their website:?
We're excited to announce a new army deal for you. Unleash the "furore teutonicus" - fury of the Ancient Germans with 169 total figures! This army deal includes the following:
  • 4 sets of Ancient German Warband
  • 2 sets of Ancient German Cavalry
  • Bonus "Arminius" metal figure by Steve Saleh

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