2010 TGN Editor’s Choice Awards Top Ten lists

Editor's Choice Awards

Strange packages bearing multi-coloured glass beads have been making their way to and from TGN’s vast northern editorial fortress and that can only mean that the first round of voting for the 2010 Tabletop Gaming News Editor’s Choice Awards are over.

Over the past week the diligent members of the Award Jury have been working to take the massive list of nominations and pick their top ten from each of the seven categories. Their votes have been tabulated by the firm of Zac and his Dog and we present to you the top ten list, picked by our Award Jury, for the 2010 Tabletop Gaming News Editor’s Choice Awards.

Voting will continue this week with the Jury voting to pick the winner in each category


Alternative Adventure Miniature

Fantasy Miniature

Historical Miniature

Rules or Expansions


Sci-fi Miniature