2010 Origins Game Fair registration now open

Online registration for the 2010 Origins Game Fair is now open.

From their announcement:

Online registration for the 2010 Origins Game Fair is now live. After last year’s catastrophe with the registration crashing, GAMA has hired a new event management system, Event Ready, to handle online registration for 2010.

From now until April 30th, you can pre-register for the Origins Game Fair at the early bird registration rate of $50. Any attendee that has already purchased their badge at the regular price of $60 will receive $10 in generic tokens as compensation.

GAMA is confident that this new system will improve the registration process this year. “I feel much safer with Event Ready doing the event management this year,” says John Ward, Executive Director of GAMA. “Event Management is what they do.” Origins attendees will receive many benefits from the new system such as email blasts about the event, schedules and more. This new system is bringing GAMA and Origins up to 2010 standards.

As with most similar systems, a one-time surcharge of $4 will be required. To offset this cost and to be mindful of our current economy, GAMA has not raised badge or event passes this year.

To ease the burden on the new system, events will be available in segments based on area. This new plan for rolling out events should make it easier for each attendee to navigate the system. The events can be purchased in the following order: Board Games, Role Playing Games, Miniatures, Collectible Card Games, Live Action Role Playing and Seminars.

To register for Origins, visit A and click on the ‘Registration’ link on the left side of the page. See you at Origins.