2010 Editor’s Choice Awards Long List

Editor's Choice Awards

The end of the year heralds many things but one usual occurrence, at least for the last few years, has been the TGN Reader’s Choice and Editor’s Choice Awards. The Reader’s Choice Awards are well underway and the Editor’s Choice Awards jury just recently were sent the nomination lists for this year.

The nominations this year were a much longer list than last. There are several reasons for this I think. The general level of sculpting in the hobby has really taken off. As the hobby grows the number of sculptors capable of creating highly detailed and well-sculpted figures expands. Many of these sculptors work freelance and as a result the works of people like Tre Manor, Seth Nash, Bobby Jackson, Patrick Keith and others are available to whatever companies have the money and the willingness to hire them.

Each year also sees the introduction of new companies created by gamers to bring their own dreams to life and create new games for themselves and their friends to play. Many of the nominees this year are from companies only a few years old.

The following list are the nominees, in the seven categories for the 2010 TGN Editor’s Choice Awards, as they were sent to the award jury. We are all in the process of narrowing these lists down to a top ten list for each category but while we do that I thought you might be interested in a list of some of the more interesting miniatures and games released in 2010.

Accessory nominees

Alternative Adventure nominees

Fantasy miniature nominees

Historical miniature nominees

Rules and Expansions

Sci-fi miniature nominees

Terrain nominees