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20% off Judge Dredd books and boxes From Warlord Games

Warlord Games has a special deal on Judge Dredd this month in their webshop. You can get 20% off their game books (both rulebooks and supplements) and box sets (including starter boxes and faction boxes). Take to the streets of Mega City One either on the side of law and order (I am! The Law!) or as one of the many criminal elements trying to burn it all down.

From the announcement:

Welcome to Full Eagle Day, cadet!

The Academy of Law is the toughest school on Earth, and you have survived fifteen years of the hardest law enforcement training known. You have been taught how to administer the law to the citizens of Mega-City One and how to dispense instant justice to those who commit crimes.
Now comes your greatest test…

For the month of March 2015 we have decided to help rookies and the experienced alike with a 20% discount on the starter boxed set, rulebooks & supplements and faction boxed sets for the Judge Dredd miniatures game!