2 new squads and tanks for the SSU for Dust Tactics

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Flight Games
Jul 17th, 2012

Fantasy Flight Games has some hard-hitting new units and tanks for the SSU for Dust Tactics.

From the preview:

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of three heavy-hitting new SSU units for Dust Tactics!

No other army has suffered as much as the SSU since the beginning of the war. The years following the Axis invasion of the Motherland have seen devastating losses in both men and equipment. Now, the SSU responds by unleashing the Red Guards Anti-Tank Squad, Red Guards Command Squad, and IS-5 Heavy Tank.

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  • Marauder

    Hey cool tanks. I wonder if they will make one with a smaller turret and a more reasonably sized cannon?

    I like the anti-tank squad too.


    • meatpuppet7

      Yes the turret’s look silly, but I think they are trying to go for the style of the old Russian KV-2 tanks.

      • Marauder

        I do think the tanks are cool, and yes I do see the resemblance to real russian tanks. I just think if they can make this beast look cool, they could also do something t-34 sized and it would sell quite well!


  • meatpuppet7

    I’ve been considering starting this game for a while now, and I think that these tanks have been the tipping point that has finally “sealed the deal”

  • EasyEight

    The size of the turret is ok — believe it or not the KV-5 had a massive turret, but I think that huge cannon looks silly. Is it supposed to be a superheavy mortar??

    • TylerT

      the KV2 had a very short 155mm gun so i think with a little bit of space metal i could see them going to that size of gun

  • I’m diggin’ it. I like the way the Ruskies have a very different look for their mechanized units. Go FFG go!

  • twolf29

    The cool stuff for the SSU is starting to pile up on me – first the helicopters and now these too. I may need to see about using some of these with my old Red Bloc from AT-43…