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2-Player Starter For Trilaterum Now Available

Longtime readers know my love of 2-player starter sets for games. With a single purchase, you can get gaming right away with a friend. No need to worry about what, exactly, to pick up for a starter force, or make sure you have the right rules or dice or counters. The folks behind Trilaterum feel the same way, so they've got their new 2-player starter set, Encounter at Sarin's Rim, now available.

From the announcment:

Trilaterum Miniatures is proud to announce the release of a new two-player starter set, as well as a line of supporting terrain, for the Trilaterum 15mm sci-fi miniatures game.

Trilaterum is a fast-paced tabletop miniatures game, set in a unique and expanding universe where emerging factions battle for survival on the edge of the universe!

Trilaterum: Encounter at Sarin’s Rim

Featuring high-quality 3d-printed figures designed by Ill Gotten Games, Trilaterum: Encounter at Sarin’s Rim is a new two-player starter set that kicks off the developing story of Trilaterum, as the battle for the planet’s surface tilts into interstellar conflict. Inside you’ll find two forces – a team of hard-as-nails Dominion soldiers and the alien host of Agaricale warriors.

Inside the Trilaterum: Encounter at Sarin’s Rim Starter Set you’ll find:

Trilaterum Updated Rulebook
Encounter at Sarin’s Rim Scenario Booklet
Drop Pod Objective miniature
8  8-Sided Dice
20  Stamina Markers
12  Activation Markers
5  Suppression Markers
3 Mytoan Soldier Units (9 figures, 3 bases)
2 Sporeworm Units (8 figures and 2 bases)
Spore-Wing Unit (4 figures and 1 base)
3 Dominion Power Armor Units(9 figures and 3 bases)
2 Dominion Exo-Knight Units (4 figures and 2 bases)

In the first wave of product releases, players will take their first steps into the Trilaterum universe, attempting to gain a foothold in the eponymous Sarin’s Rim. An abundance of accessories like tokens, terrain, reinforcement packs, narrative Scenario Packs and more will expand your story as your armies grow.

Encounter at Sarin’s Rim is now available at for $30.00 USD