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2 New Expansions for Oganika Up On Kickstarter

NewRoads Gaming is looking to greatly expand their puzzle card game, Oganika. And just like how the original was funded via Kickstarter, that's where they're going for the expansions, too. If you like the game, but wish there was lots more, this is your opportunity.

From the campaign:

Welcome to our third Kickstarter campaign where we are launching two new expansion packs for Oganika the Game. These new expansion packs will provide plenty of new challenges and lots of additional hours of puzzling!

But don't worry, if you haven't bought the original there is still the option to do so and we even have a very nice offer where you can buy the original game with all of the expansion packs.

Oganika is a puzzle game for 1-6 players that's easy to learn, but takes time to master! Oganika is different than any other games. Where board games are generally variations of similar game concepts (using cards, points, dices), Oganika tiles are a game mechanism itself, that could cater for hundreds of different game types. 

There are hunderds of thousands of possibilities with Oganika, which is why it was natural that we would be setting new challenges with the expansion packs. The more you play Oganika, the more it asks of you - it is similar in that sense to some ancient board games, like the Japanse game of Go , which people have been playing for 2,500 years, and still finding new strategies and ways to play. The more tiles that are in the design, the more difficult it gets, though it can be simple enough for childeren to play with as well. 

Just remember, everything connects... until it doesn't, and so your boggled brain will need to think of an alternative way of solving the puzzle. With each step, the challenge increases - enough to make every solution an enjoyable victory!

The campaign's around 3/4 of the way to the goal with 26 days to go.