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1st Corps newly expanded Thirty years war range

1st Corps have expanded the miniature offerings in their 28mm Thirty years war range. Curassiers From their announcement:
Over the last few months, we've working on expanding our existing range of 28mm figures for the Thirty Years War. Foot packs are £8 for eight figures. Mounted packs are £9 for four figures. Other packs as listed. Buildings shown in the background are from the new range produced by Total Battle Miniatures.
  • TYW01 Musketeers.
  • TYW02 Musketeers, ragged uniform firing.
  • TYW03 Swedish Musketeers post-Gustavus period,
  • winter dress in hongreline and fur hat.
  • TYW04 Cavalry with sword.
  • TYW05 Cavalry with pistol.
  • TYW06 Gustavus Adolphus and senior officer£6.
  • TYW07 Pike man, morion with long coat. At port.
  • TYW08 Pike man.
  • TYW09 Mounted command.(4 figures).
  • TYW10 Foot command.I (4 figures).
  • TYW11 Foot command II (4 figures).
  • TYW12 Armoured pikemen, pike upright. (ass. var.)
  • TYW13 Pikemen, pike upright, morion helmet. (ass. var.)
  • TYW14 Unarmoured pikemen, pike upright, hats. (ass. var.)
  • TYW15 Cuirassier, pistols.
  • TYW16 Cuirassier, sword.
  • TYW17 Cuirassier, lance.
  • TYW18 Cuirassier, command.
  • TYW19 Artillery crew I, firing (4 figures) £4
  • TYW20 Artillery crew II, loading (4 figures) £4
  • TYW21 Leather/Light gun £5
  • TYW22 Medium gun £6
  • TYW23 Heavy gun £8
  • TYW24 Limber, 2 horses and drover £8
  • TYW25 Casualties I Infantry £8 (8 figures)
  • TYW26 Casualties II Cavalry £5 (2 horses, 2 men)
  • TYW27 Mounted senior officers I x 2 £5
  • TYW28 Mounted senior officers II x 2 £5
  • TYW29 Bernard of Saxe-Weimar £3
  • TYW30 Gottfried Graf zu Pappenheim £3
  • TYW31 Albrecht von Wallenstein £3