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1manstudio announces Magitech Wars, an upcoming board/card game

1manstudio has announced they're coming out with a new card/board game called Magitech Wars.

From the announcement:

1manstudio - a new indie game company located in germany is happy to announce its first project (to be released late 2013). As we are a small studio propelled by dedicated individuals, we decided for alternative publishing methods before taking the project to print. Therefore, the game will be available as (partly free) print-and-play version, as well as via The Gamecrafter. We do not require crowdfunding to finance our project, but aim for a kickstarter later to fund some of the components (like more artworks, a high quality gameboard and more).

The game is still in development, but the rulebook and various components have been released already. All components can be acquired via our website as free PDF downloads. We will also offer free mini expansions for pesonal print-and-play in the future.


" Since the Ascension, the universe is the hard-fought place of Technomagi. Besides their schemes and secret agendas, they fight a power struggle for the most valuable resource that is known to sentiment beings: Crystallium. This substance fuels all Magitech, an invention that grants godlike powers by fusing magic and technology. Mighty legions and armadas of spaceships became obsolete within the blink of an eye, as the Technomagi tapped into the possibilities of Magitech. In the far away future, battles are fought and decided by a selected few instead. Accompanied by their Minions, Technomagi strive for nothing less than ultimate rulership over the universe. And Crystallium is the key to victory… "


In "The Magitech Wars" - players take the roles of mighty Technomagi - competing to claim Crystallium Sources on the plane, through skirmish battles. Using customized Vaults of cards, a hex-tile gameboard, six sided dice and tokens, they let their minions fight to become the emperor of a fictitious multiverse. From turn to turn the players summon Minions and move them around the board to let them battle. Players gain crystals by putting some of their Minions into the crystal zone, and win the game through gathering six victory points. Those points are scored by controlling the most Places of Power on the gameboard, or by banishing enemy cards.


* Light Wargame played using cards instead of miniatures
* Manaless resource system without staple cards that clutter your deck
* No artificial rarities, you get exactly the cards and amount of copies you want
* Crossover between card game and board game