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1985 Games Releases Spells Beta 1.1 RPG Supplement

"More options!" Every gamer wants that for their RPG character. And if you're a spellcaster, that goes doubly so, as far as I've seen. Well, 1985 Games is here to help with their Spells Beta 1.1 set of spells. They've posted the playtest version of these rules for you to check out.

From the announcement:

Hey there, adventurer!

When it comes to fantasy gaming, we all create characters who can accomplish grand deeds unlikely to be pulled off in real life. While swinging a battleaxe is at least theoretically possible (and apparently a trending hobby), the whole "I cast fireball" business is (unfortunately?) pretty far off from reality.

This brings us to the arcane equivalent of "Go big or go home". If you're going to whip out a spell and take down some enemies, you might as well do it with flair. Our latest 5E playtest pack includes ten brand-new ways to do just that—from summoning undead hordes to smashing some swords.