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1879 London Adventure and Sourcebook On Kickstarter

So, having the core rulebook for a game is nice and all, but it's really just the start, especially if you're talking about an RPG. In this particular case, we're talking about 1879. They have a rulebook, but now they're looking to fund their first full adventure as well as game sourcebook. They've got a Kickstarter up and running to do just that now.

From the campaign:

Book 1 in The Akkadian Connection trilogy starts off with beginning characters being recruited to look into a new drug going round in the Great Smoke. Bang snuff is essentially combat jack, something that massively boosts fighting ability for a short time but has nasty (and sometimes lethal) side effects. Of course, nothing is ever that simple. By the end of the adventure, the characters will have advanced in Rank and Reputation, and put paid to - well, that would be spoiling, now, wouldn't it?

Our first gazetteer for 1879 tackles the Great Smoke itself. From the seedy docksides of the Isle of Dogs, to the fancy gambling clubs of Chelsea, we look into the low and high corners of the metropolis.

The massive Geography chapter (fully a third of the book) walks through every borough and provides game-ready locations and Adventure Hooks
The Transportation chapter covers not only how you get around in London, but how The Knowledge works.
The Communications chapter deals with telegraphy, the Royal Mail, how the post and trains work together, and that new-fangled telephone device.
The Politics chapter describes the governance of the British Empire, one of the primary industries in London. Everybody keeps track of the Royal Family, so there's a bit of a writeup on them in here.
The Criminals chapter doesn't just talk about types of crime endemic to London. It discusses the law in relation to the sorts of activities player characters are likely to get up to.
Further chapters include History, Business, Culture, and Magic.
At the end is a complete adventure, Baby Boojum, in which a kidnapping goes hysterically wrong.

The book runs 256 pages, digest size, perfect bound unless we meet our first Stretch Goal, with a full color cover and black and white interior art. Layout is complete; backers will receive immediate access to the galley proof.

The campaign's around 1/3 funded with still 24 days to go.