18 more Demon Blade minis available from Mega Minis

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May 4th, 2013

Mega Minis has posted up 18 new releases for the month of May.

From the announcement:

DEAL-1190 Freddy the Kroogr DeadTech $4.00
DEAL-0762 Futuristic Priest $2.50
DEAL-0763 Futuristic Monk $2.50
DEAL-0726 Org Warlord $3.00
DEAL-0727 Vinny the saw Cyborg $3.00
DEAL-0728 Nicky the Knife Cyborg $3.00
DEAL-1021 Louie Knuckles $3.00
DEAL-1025 Commandant with sword $4.00
DEAL-1026 Commandant swag $4.00
DEAL-1181 Dominant Gunner & Slave (2 part kit) $5.00
DEAL-1182 Dominator riding Slave (3 part kit) $5.00
DEAL-1183 Tribal Shaman totem staff standing $2.50
DEAL-1184 Tribal Shaman totem staff sitting $2.50
DEAL-1185 Tribal Bearskin support Brave grenade $3.00
DEAL-1186 Tribal Bearskin support Brave Heavy $3.00
DEAL-1187 Mutant #5 $3.00
DEAL-1188 Mutant #6 $3.00
DEAL-1189 Shock Sister with Heavy $3.50

REMINDER: We will be permanently shutting down our online store on December 31st 2013. All multi-packs will be removed from the online store on June 1st . Single figures will remain for sale throughout the year until their molds sell to new buyers. Thank you for 12 solid years of sales and service

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