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15mm previews from ArtCrime

ArtCrime Productions have sent images of the 3D sculpts for a series of 15mm sci-fi miniatures they are working on.

From their announcement:
 This is the new Spartan Tank from ArtCrime Productions. It will be released in March, retail for $12.00 . The kit will come in 5 pieces, hull, treads, turret, barrel. Will be cast in resin, with a size of 87mm long/57mm wide/32mm tall. As our first kit to be released for our upcoming 15mm game release, it will be the launch point for all tanks from ArtCrime Productions. I hope you like it.

Our website will go live March 1st. It will be orderable at that point. As well as our dropship kit, (ptbd), our scoutbike(ptbd), and AA buggie.  For a side note, the dropship is 115mm long/88mm wide/48mm tall.

Please contact me with any questions.