15MM Monkeymen with Clubs now available at Lone Gunman Games

Lone Gunman Games goes all Planet of the Apes with their latest release of Monkeymen with Clubs.
Or maybe it's a bit more 2001.
Anyway, here they are...

From the release:

I have the first new pack of miniatures ready for release this year. This time we are back into the 15MM ranges with a set of Monkeymen with Clubs which are suitable for a number of different genre's including sci-fi, Post Apocalypse, pulp, horror, and fantasy. Hopefully these are something that you will all find useful.

LFM001 Lord of Fantasy Monkeymen with Clubs set of 4 figures. These Stand between 14MM and 17MM tall.
Packs of four are $3.60 each plus postage and handling.