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15mm Desteria Knights now available from The Ion Age

The Ion Age has released their new 15mm Desteria Knights over in their webshop.


From the release:

IAF009 Desteria Demi Alpha
This week we have the first in an expansion of the original 28mm range into the brand new 15mm range on the Ion Age...Desteria Knights! The super heavy infantry of the Prydian Precinct are now in the 15mm Prydian Army as well as the 28mm Prydian Army. Wearing the thickest Noblesse powered armour and carrying the largest possible weapons that do not require an artillery or vehicle mount the Desteria are used for tasks just too tough for Retained Knights and the Muster. Code IA009 contains five brand new different white metal poses each with an Impact Fist (powered melee weapon) and either a Hermit 44mm Plasma Rifle or an Urgan 2 Bore auto-shotgun or a Valerin 9kw Laser Rifle. Each Desteria also sports a crest upon their helm. Desteria stand approx 24mm tall from sole of foot to top of crest. This code can be bought as single miniatures or in multiples for savings. Price per pack is 5.00GBP

Pounding for hours at the rubbacrete making no impact was starting to get rather tiresome. I was at the head of an advancing column trying to push its way into the outskirts of Pelcan City on Camarthen Prime. Our lord Knight General Obermann had decreed that the focus of the assault was to be upon the Matter Gateway and I agreed. Unfortunately the city was a smoking ruin seeded with Khanate troops like a virus culture. Every rock you shook loose led more of them to appear. We had gotten stuck on the site of what my helm overlay said used to be a hospital. It was a barren place now but its walls were solid and its sheer size an invitation to siege. There was little chance of calling up artillery or vehicle support but I did get the call that a lance of Desteria were nearby and offering to aid us as according to the Code Gallant.

While my Retained exchanged fire with the Legionaries in the main complex the Desteria readied themselves for the assault. Noblesse armour is a wonder to behold. It takes months of training to be able to control its strength and to learn its motions. More complex and far superior to the Alwite worn by the Retained it is the ultimate in worn armour in the Prydian Precinct. The Desteria numbered only sixteen but they strode forward and attracted a hail of Juno and Maia fire from the façade of the building. We aided them and 12.5mm fire put down a number of Legion and Malig snipers. Bullets and beams glanced from the Desteria and soon they had reached the main doors. Then the Khanate sprung their surprise on them. I felt a moment of dread. That could have been us!

Rubbacrete and shards of Golglass exploded out as the main doors disintegrated in a streak of weapons fire. Three Khanate Warlords strode out with their chain cannons levelled and firing. One of the Desteria went down having caught the full might of a Warlords cannon and several of my Retained two hundred metres back were plucked and shattered by the outgoing rounds. In moments the remaining Desteria closed the distance to the Warlords and engaged them in close quarters combat! Even to a Desteria the Warlords tower above, but the knights barrelled them back into the building and even at this distance I could hear the roar of Urgan auto-shotguns and the sickening crunch of Impact Fists on flesh.

With their hulking surprises dead the Khanate began to abandon the hospital and we pressed on. I asked the Desteria to remain with us as part of my retinue but they refused. Their place was at the fore, at the sword tip, at the point where it mattered. I wished them good hunting and kept my promise to collect and restore their dead.

Knight Commander Hackett. Camarthen Prime, 4331IC