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15mm Conversion Packs released at The Ion Age

The Ion Age has several new conversion kits available to help customize your other units.


From the post:

The Ion Age returns to form after a break over the winter season with the first three pack releases of 2014 campaign season! After my brief look at in a previous Ion Age Blog Post we now have the following for you. Three brand new conversion sets for 15mm science fiction wargaming. Outfit your troops in style.

IAF025 15mm Retained Conversion Pack
IAF026 15mm Muster Conversion Pack
IAF027 15mm Khanate Legion Conversion Pack

Follow the link in this news post back to our blog where you can look at a large image of the set and get all the information on each of weapons, helmets and backpacks they contain.

You can purchase a pack at 2.50GBP or three packs at a 10% saving or...well we know you all like customisation (we had several dozen emails asking for this) you can purchase every item in a pack as a single white metal casting at 0.25GBP or 0.50GBP for the largest items. Also every order gets the free monthly miniature so if you just fancy a single Angis 12.5mm Rifle then you will get a free miniature with it.

These are the same bits, sculpted by Sam Croes, we use for our own 15mm Ion Age miniatures for the Prydian Army and the Shia Khan Empire and if these releases prove popular we will certainly make more packs of bits for conversion work for your wargaming. If you have suggestions for items then let me know. More weapons, equipment and so on.

“Choose a Rifle off the rack son. Or a Helmet from the stand. Get a Launcher out of our well stocked armoury. Take a Pistol just in case. Heck, just take what you want. It will all do a fine job in making you a bad ass killing machine on any battlefield in known space.”

Sergeant Isaiah Clearwater, 233rd Muster Regiment, Prydia

Thanks for Reading.

Gavin Syme (GBS)