Skip to content release Uhul Owlmen have added the Uhul Owlmen figures to their SHM 15mm range. Uhul Owlmen From their announcement:
Hello Everyone, New in the SHM range at are the Uhul. These large Owlmen designed by brand new sculptor Eli Arndt are the first in the range in the Fantasy section. Three poses as follows;
  • SHM15 Uhul Chief
  • SHM16 Uhul Warrior (spear)
  • SHM17 Uhul Warrior (hatchet and shield)
All three are priced at £1.20 each and stand approx. 20mm tall in one piece. You can find them plus the rest of the SHM range on our website. The SHM range allows aspiring designers to get their miniatures into molds and out to gamers at no cost to themselves. If you are interested please contact us, details on the SHM page. Perfect for USE ME Fantasy, perfect for Age of Might and Steel (AoMaS) or a myriad other 15mm fantasy systems. Well done to Eli! Thanks for reading, Alex Scott.