Skip to content release Space Elf Zidhe have a new series of 15mm sci-fi figures, the Space Elf Zidhe. Space Elf Zidhe From their announcement:
Hello Everyone. New for HOF 15mm Science Fiction The lithe and graceful Zidhe are lethal warriors who roam the galaxy subjecting all to their own brand of destruction and domination. Now you can get a force of these great 15mm science fiction miniatures, the first one of which graces the cover of UM001 USE ME 15mm Science Fiction.
  • HOF63 Zidhe Infantry
  • HOF64 Zidhe Command
  • HOF65 Zidhe Guardians
  • HOF66 Zidhe Androids
All packs are priced at £4.00 for ten miniatures and you can use the fantastic Salute 2011 show offer code to get 15% off any order. Visit our website to see all the packs and learn more of the offer on our home page. Perfect for USE ME, perfect for ASQL as alien imperials and for any other 15mm sci-fi system you can shake a stick at. These packs will be with the rest of the HOF range at Salute on Alternative Armies trade stand TJ13. We have had literally hundreds of emails from gamers awaiting these packs, they are now out and if you mailed us I will be contacting you shortly. Thanks for reading, Alex Scott.