Skip to content release HOF Fire Team has their HOF Fire Team game now available on their website. You can get both the rulebook and tiles on there, so go look.

From the release:

A 15mm tile based intense science fiction wargame System - Both the Rulebook and the Tile Sets are available now!
The Bundle includes the rule book plus the three different tile sets and also two free packs of miniatures worth 8.00GBP!

By clicking on the link above you will be taken to the HOF FT page where you can see and learn about the game, the tiles, the bundle.

You can also see the Dropship Horizon Blog to read an interview with the creators of the game and a review of the tile sets by a leading 15mm sci-fi player.

Also if you place an order for ANY science fiction book or miniatures with us by 4th June 2012 we will automatically include the ‘Space Jackers Set’ in your package.