Skip to content puts out Eldritch Horror USE ME has the next in the USE ME line available with their Eldritch Horror setting.

From the update:

The world we see is nothing, an illusion, of banal normality that covers a richness of cosmic horror that would blind and destroy the minds of men and render them senseless in the gaze of things far greater and older than imagination can conceive. But despair not! We refer not to the real world but instead to that of the thirteenth (no coincidence!) title in the USE ME series... An Eldritch Horror.

This title was born out of a fire of creativity in only a few weeks in a joint effort by O.G.Joel and G.B.Syme and given the thirteenth code in the series, as befits it, in response to a growing number of wargamers requests for a simple system to cover this genre of cosmic horror. The D6 engine is fast play and well suited to 15mm scale miniatures. Lead your party of characters against cultists, against insidious forces and against the Elder Gods themselves...but will you or madness prevail?