Skip to content having a sale on their Laserburn rules set is currently having a sale on their Laserburn sci-fi combat rules set over in their webstore. Go have a look-see.

From the sales sheet:

We have a special offer on the LBS01 Laserburn Starter Set inspired by Gary Mitchell's 'Darker Horizon's' column in Miniature Wargaming magazine.

Until the 12th October the excellent Laserburn Starter Set entitled 'Mega City Mayhem' can be bought at a reduced price. This set includes the rulebook along with 64 miniatures and 6 vehicles giving you all you need. Laserburn is a classic science fiction range and game title that remains popular and was talked about this month in Miniature Wargames magazine.

You do not need to enter any discount code the reduced price is already on our website, just add to your cart. Additionally if you are a regular customer and have a discount voucher... you can use it with this offer!