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From the update:

Hello Everyone!

This month we bring you new releases in the ever growing SHM 15mm range. This time in the Science Fiction part of the range in the main and one in the Fantasy part of the range too. All miniatures are by sculptor Eli Arndt and we are looking for ideas for his next designs so please drop us a line at if there are any humans, aliens or such you want to see in the SHM range.

Here are the new codes each with its pricing and its title. All miniatures are sold as single castings and can be seen here:

SHM26 Uhul Champion 1.20GBP
SHM27 Starport Urchins 2.00GBP
SHM28 Trandan Mercenary 0.45GBP
SHM29 Asteroid Miner 0.35GBP
SHM30 Gizbin Mercenary 0.45GBP
SHM31 Baroka Crimelord 0.65GBP
SHM32 Calamite Preacher 0.45GBP
SHM33 Phreek Bystander 0.45GBP
SHM34 Prang Soldier 0.60GBP
SHM35 Kardul Bodyguard 0.60GBP

The SHM Range

Our range of SHM miniatures is designed by aspiring sculptors who have had their concepts turned into a white metal reality!

If you are an aspiring designer or if you simply want to see your creations make it to the wider wargaming market with little cost then drop us a line.

In this range you can get some miniatures which otherwise would have never been. Bold and experimental designs supported by us, for you.

Remember that it is currently ‘Salute Offer Month’ on which means you can get 15% off any order and if you wish you can choose to collect your order direct from Alternative Armies trade stand on the day.

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