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From their announcement:

Hello Everyone,

The fifth of our successful USEME rulesets has now been released as a downloadable PDF !

As with the other USE ME downloads your purchase includes the full UM005 booklet in a purpose made format for e-reading (not a simple scan of the print booklet) and a second file with an 'ease-print' version which removes all artwork and colour allowing you to print your purchase if you so desire. A third file contains separate colour covers for UM005 Electronic Edition. Secure download, instant service.

UM005 USE ME American Civil War
(Zip File containing full colour bookmarked and searchable PDF plus a plain 'easy print' version for home printing)

Only $5.00 USD via Paypal with our online provider Oronjo.

Click on the link below to buy:

For more information on UM005 see the print version page on the link below.

Thanks for Reading,

Alexander Scott.