Skip to content announces new Alien Squad Leader for 2014 will be coming back out with Alien Squad Leader rulebooks next year. Along with that, they've got new minis scheduled to come out for the game as well.


From the announcement:

There will be a new print run of the Alien Squad Leader 2nd edition book in the first quarter of 2014. More details nearer to the time but I can say that there will be new ASQL related miniature releases and an offer to go with the book being sold once more too.

I believe that Alien Squad Leader is one of the best 15mm element based wargames that there is and its author Alex Self created a generic system based on army templates that can be used with just about any setting. In fact it is one of the prime reasons that 15mm Science Fiction as a genre has become so popular over the last five years as we have been told by the hundreds of wargamers who already own the book.

We have a list of person's who have expressed interest in being told when ASQL is to be sold once more. All of those persons will be informed and if you would like to be on the list please send us an email. You can do this and learn more on our new blog by clicking the news link.

Thanks for reading.

Gavin Syme (GBS)