15mm.co.uk add Floatdiscs for HOF Fire-Team special offer

15mm.co.uk have added a special deal on their 15mm sci-fi Floatdisc figures. hof4142_1ws.jpg From their announcement:?
The playesting of the new HOF Fire-Team 15mm sci-fi rules continues. See the Yahoo Group where you can download the PDF rules and now two additional PDF's for free including rules for Floatdics in HOF Fire-Team. We are happy to announce a limited offer for the playtest. HOF Floatdiscs Special Offer Pack Get one of HOF41 and one of HOF42 in a pack and save £1.00 off list price for a pack of two. Floatdiscs give you the chance to add some mobility to your infantry and are perfect for an urban or frontier setting in any near future of sci-fi setting. For more information please go to www.15mm.co.uk Additionally the HOF Stellar Refugees free pack offer runs out on 12th March 2010. You only have a few days left to get your free pack. Thanks for all your support on TGN in the last couple of weeks.