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15mm Blue Moon Egyptian Village

Bluemoon Manufacturing announces more 15mm buildings:

From their announcement:

Blue Moon Manufacturing has 8 new 15mm Egyptian Buidings that will be available for Fall In. Here is a peak at what will be available. First is a beautiful Pyramid which is cast in High Density Foam and comes in 3 sections that give you inside access in the Pyramid for play and a 4th top section. The Pyramid also comes with a Sarcophagus and mummy.

Our 2nd building is the Cursed Temple which can be used in so many ways on your gaming table.

Then there is a beautiful set of 6 Village buildings which can be used not just for Egyptian or Middle East gaming but in lots of different settings.

They will be ready for purchase on the and web sites shortly and we will have them with us at Fall In.

Check out our Flickr account to see all the pictures.