15mm 3rd Crusade decal sets from CitadelSix

CitadelSix Custom Design have new 15mm decal sets for the 3rd Crusade.

French Crusader decals

From their announcement:

CitadelSix Custom Design has just released three water-slide decal sets that are compatible with 15mm Mirliton Heater shields and 15mm Legio Heroica Kite-shaped shields (without shield bosses).

Decal sets 1 to 3 are for 3rd Crusade forces. Each set contains decals that will fit each type of the three shield shapes.
* NB: The number of decals in a set may vary according to the number of heraldic designs included.

  • The three sets are as follows:
  • Set 1: English crusaders. Set contains two sheets of decals. Price £8.00
  • Set 2: French crusaders. Set contains two sheets of decals. Price £8.00
  • Set 3: Flemish crusaders. Set contains one sheet of decals. Price £5.00

Two further sets will be produced that contain decals for banners and these will be announced when available. 1st class postage & packaging for the UK is £2.00 or for Airmail Small Packet rates for international orders, £3.00.

The sets are posted up on the CitadelSix Custom Design website and can be ordered by sending an e-mail to: citadelsix@btinterent.com

Please note that only payments by PayPal can be accepted.