15% off all Uber Goober Games through the end of March

Uber Goober Games is offering a 15% discount on their rules during until the end of March.

From their announcement:

Spring Cleaning, March Madness, whatever you want to call it, Uber Goober games is now offering 15% off all their zombie miniatures Global War titles from now until March 31st.

That includes

  • Undead States of America (The core North America Zombie War)
  • Undead Avenue (Skirmish version)
  • Undead Nations (International Expansion)
  • Undead Universe (Zombie wars through time, compatible with most other miniatures wargames)
  • and the 200 zombie/living miniature prepackaged game set

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the Global Zombie War at 15% off.

This applies to PDFs and hard copies. The prices have already been reduced on the webpage, no need to add codes or do anything but click on the buttons