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14th Brooklyn (84th New Yok) in 28mm available to pre-order from FG MiniZ

FG MiniZ is showing off their 14th Brooklyn (84th New York) models from their American Civil War line. They've got them on pre-sale right now.


From the post:

Well here is something a little bit different to depart from Napoleonics: those who know me well will not be surprised as it is well known that ACW is my favourite period (with 1870 and AWI).

So what was my own and individual project at first is going to become available to everyone.

When I contact our new sculptor in march at first, I asked him to release one of my favourite unit in the ACW because no one makes them.

I spent a lot of time to make reference material to be sure the sculptor will have all the infos needed to make them.

After some months waiting feverishly to see dollies and castings the final result is awesome and exactly what I want. After showing the figures to our inner circle of gamers I was surprised they all want some.

So I decide to add the figures to our shop: as I really do not know if someone else is interested I will start with a kind of pre-order with a 10% discount in a few days.

Now here are the pictures I hope you will enjoy them.